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    Why should you prefer Optic STB Prime Expanded



    Optics STB Prime Expanded




    Internal Storage





    RAM Efficiency 





    Android OS


    KitKat 4.4




    Infrared Remote Control UnitHDMI CablePower AdapterUser ManualOptical Cable 

    Remote Control UnitHDMI CablePower AdapterUser Manual

    Remote Control UnitHDMI CablePower AdapterUser Manual

    Remote Control UnitHDMI CablePower Adapter

    Remote Control Unit

    Infrared RCU With Backlit Keypad

    Simple Remote Control Unit

    Simple Remote Control Unit

    Simple Remote Control Unit

    Output Resolution

    4K 60fps

    4K 30fps

    4K 60fps

    • The descriptive metamorphoses in the explanation above in the table, on the subject of all these devices, are present. Yet still, the fact that if you want detail of the hypothesis, then read the following writings.

    Over time, technology is taking over all the sectors of industry. It means there is a kind of technology and advancement in everything. People are adopting Android IPTV Boxes and advanced methods to make their life even easier. In this race of grasping technology, their way of watching also changed a lot. A tiny magical electronic device replaced the old way of watching content. We can call it a Set-top box. 

    Set-top box helps to user to get entertain through the internet. It allows people to watch thousands of programs at any time and many times. It has an incredible option for watching i.e. Video on demand (VOD). You don’t have to remain bound to watch the content at a fixed time. Because you can easily record your show and watch it whenever wants.

    For special occasions, you can play a long list of your favorite music with the help of its highly efficient internal storage capacity. For weekends, it has proper arrangements for enjoyment. You can transform your boring TV lounge into a cinema by watching any kind of movie, series whatever your mood demands.

    • What makes an Optic STB a good brand?

    You can enjoy the above benefits only if you got a TV box with all the required features. No doubt, thousands of brands are available in the market with reputed goodwill for a TV box. But all of them are not considered as reliable and durable when it comes to buying a box from them. Their goodwill is just for the sake of their long period presence in the market not based on their product quality.

    Many people waste their money due to less technical knowledge or they got fooled by the so-called goodwill of those brands. In addition, many new companies who have no goodwill take the help of false advertisements for increasing their sale. They lower their product prices for attracting customers. Usually, customers also forget about the product quality and only consider the offered amount, which is a completely wrong decision. Sometimes they trap the public with some discount tricks. These types of tips and tricks completely diminish the decision-making power of an individual.

    • Optic STB

    In this immense market competition full of fake brands, the company named Optic STB makes their name in less than no time. It is all because of their excellent and remarkable product quality as well as highly affordable prices. According to the user’s experience, the time is near when they will take over on all the other brands with their best IPTV boxes in Europe.

    Proof of our claim:

    For proving the above claims, we are going to compare their product (Optic STB Prime Expanded) with the products of most reputed TV Boxes brands including Formuler (FORMULER Z+), Xsarius (Xsarius-Q3), and DreamTV (DREAM BOX DM 525HD).

    • Comparison Features
    1. Internal Storage
    2. RAM Efficiency
    3. Android OS
    4. Remote Control Unit

    1.      Internal Storage

    In every electronic device, especially nowadays, internal storage is the most important feature. It is a part where the device stores all of its data. People buy the product after reviewing its storage because it is a time of collecting memories. People change their mode of entertainment from local cable to smart IPTV just to ensure that they watch their favorite show at any time whenever the mood strikes.

    Music or movie lovers can make a wide collection of their favorite content in this storage. TV boxes facilitate the customers with this facility. But all the boxes do not come with efficient storage capacity like Optic STB Prime Expanded Box Comparison. Because it has 16GB of internal storage capacity which is sufficient enough for storing thousands of content.

    • Other Products:

    But when we consider the internal storage of reputed brand’s products like Formuler Z+ Comparison we get to know that this product facilitates its users with only 8GB of storage. No doubt, it allows you to collect data but not in a large proportion.

    Moreover, the same thoughts will go with the other two products including Xsarius-Q3 Comparison and DREAM BOX DM 525HD Comparison. If you want to go with these two products then they are also not so beneficial in regards to storage as they have 8GB and 512MB internal storage. A product with this type of storage capacity is a complete source of frustration because you will not be allowed to store any large files.


    2.      RAM Efficiency

    RAM is the internal specs of a TV box that determine the level of enjoyment you are going to get from it. A device with more RAM efficiency will result in more efficient performance. It will allow the user to perform multiple tasks at the same time. People don’t have to wait a long for their content because an excellent RAM limit speeds up the processing time of information. It means no more long staring onto the screen.

    As we are here to compare the product, so again Optic STB Prime Expanded Comparison wins the argument of this feature too. Because it entertains its users with fast processing RAM of 2GB. Customers can enjoy the 4k UHD quality content without any delay. It means clear crystal content right after clicking.

    • Other Products:

    Concerning the RAM capacity, none of the three products matches the RAM efficiency of Prime Expanded. Formuler Z+ Comparison and Xsarius-Q3 Comparison have been introduced with the 1GB of RAM. While DREAM BOX DM 525HD Comparison ranks lower than the Z10 AND Aimax as it has only 512MB RAM. It means they restrict their users to perform a single task at a single moment. They have to complete the current task in case of the performance of any other task.

    3.      Android OS

    Google is contributing a lot to making the whole world effective and efficient. The effectiveness and efficiency achieved with the help of it make the devices more productive. Recently a new system software known as Android Operating System (Android OS) is adopted by electronic devices. It is a kind of a Linux-based mobile operating system that usually runs on mobile phones, smart TVs, and tablets developed by Google. A TV box with the latest Android OS comforts the users more.

    Optic STB Prime Expanded Comparison is uniquely designed with the latest and updated Android OS of 10.0. It means a variety of keyboard options for searching, Near field Communication, and many more.

    • Other Products:

    For this feature, we will start with the Formuler Z+ Comparison. Everyone is familiar with this brand as it has very excellent goodwill. But when you take a look at the most common feature of their product i.e. Android OS, you will surely get a doubt on their market reputation. Because they are still entertaining their customers with Android KitKat 4.4, which is no longer supported by Google itself.

    On the other side, Xsarius-Q3 Comparison and DREAM BOX DM 525HD Comparison are designed with the same Android system but sadly with the old and obsolete software system of 9.0.

    4.      Remote Control Unit

    The operation of TV boxes is not as simple as it looks. It requires some sort of technical knowledge. Along with it, brands make the functionality of their boxes so much advanced that a minor person or a person with a less technical understanding face a lot of problem in utilizing it. It urges them to take help from some other person.

    But Optic STB Prime Expanded Comparison is the best option if you want to avoid all these inconveniences. It is offered with the most advanced Remote Control Unit than all the other brands. It comes with 16 Dedicated Keys that have all the special features of the TV Box. You don’t have to go through complicated settings to access any of its main features. Its backlit keypad allows you to see the RCU Buttons in the dark after any key is pressed and you can turn the backlight feature ON and OFF by long-pressing the Blue button for 10 seconds. How amazing it is!

    • Other product:

    For this feature, we bet you that you will never get this type of remote control unit with mindblowing features from any other brand including Formuler, Xsarius, and DreamTV. Because none of them designed their products with such attention and care.

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