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What’s With The Washers?


A washer may appear to be a simple item, and many people might question what is so important about them. But if you ask a person from industry or mechanical background. He will tell you what benefits these small parts have in large structures.

Did you know that the Boeing 777 uses 2.5 million screws (plus washers) to put it all together?

Industrial washers‘ main function is to disperse a load, operate as a separator, and act as a locking device. While there are other advantages to using a washer. They all simply come down to the three major functions described above.

Why Are Washers Use?

A washer is a mechanical item made mainly from steel and is use with fasteners to fix it. It works better when used with a nut to tighten it up to the limit. Mechanical engineering studies suggest that a washer has the following benefits.

  1. Load Distribution

We cannot imagine a small thing such as a washer doing so much when balancing impact force. This is one of the principal functions of a washer. It balances the load of the fastener and prevents the material from damaging or disturbing the fastener’s angle.

Imagine tightening a bolt in a piece of wood or other similar soft material. You know that if you put pressure on the bolt, it may damage the wood from that area and you might fail to tighten it straightly.

Now, if you use a washer with that bolt, it will balance the load and spread it evenly preventing material damage and tightening angle.

  1. To Absorb Vibrations

Washers are of various types and some of them are designe specifically to absorb shocks and vibrations in industrial equipment or heavy machinery. Such washers are not made up of metals, instea, they are made up of rubber or plastic to minimize shocks and vibrations.

In heavy industry equipment or machines where there are a lot of vibrations. These washers can be use to minimize the impact of these shocks because these vibrations increase entropy as well as damage in the long run to the equipment.

  1. Liquid Protection

Some washers are designe to keep liquids out. These washers are primarily use to produce a tight and leak-proof seal in water pipes. The liquid-sealing washers are constructed of soft materials and maybe push flat against the surface of the item.

These are the functions of washers.Which make them ideal go-to gear for efficiently satisfying the needs of construction and industrial tasks.

Final Words

When connecting dissimilar metals using washers in corrosive environments, an electrolytic cell is form. In a sewage treatment tank, for example, galvanized structures are hold together by stainless steel (SS) nuts and bolts. Plastic washers are utilize between the bolt head and the framework. As well as between the nut and the structure, to lower the rate of corrosion.

There is a rising understanding and respect for dependable bolted joints.Which is fantastic since it opens up opportunities for people to create novel bolts, nuts, and washers.



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