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    What To Do Before and After Hydrafacial Treatment?


    You know very well that hydrafacial is a remarkable skin care treatment in the cosmetic world. It is a popular and most recommended facial that has enormous benefits. It can address several skin issues like acne, pimples, wrinkles, blemishes, etc. The treatment is done with a patented device to exfoliate, clean, and moisturize the skin. Well, this is the general info about this treatment that you might know firmly. But, do you exactly know hydrafacial before and aftercare tips? If not, then it is the right place that you have come across. You will get what you should do and what to avoid for attaining the best hydrafacial results.

    Pre Hydrafacial Tips

    Avoid sun exposure

    Skin is prone to lose its suppleness when it comes into contact with the sun for a longer time. It could interact with the hydrafacial results, so you must avoid sun exposure before the treatment. It is better to apply SPF 30 or more to keep your skin protected.

    Stop acne treatment

    If you are getting an acne treatment using tretinoin products, you should stop it immediately. These products contain glycolic peel that can stop hydrafacial from working deep for your skin. You must stop using these products at least three days before the treatment.

    Notify cold sores

    Prior to hydrafacial, if you have cold sores, fever blisters, and open lesions, consult with your dermatologist. You cannot get hydrafacial surrounding the lips and acne-prone area of your face. So, there is a need to treat these problems first before undergoing the facial.

    Avoid Botox

    You should not get the Botox treatment at least two weeks before the hydrafacial. But, if you have received the treatment, you must wait for two weeks before hydrafacial. Getting facial immediately after Botox can spread the Botulinum Toxic to unintended areas.

    Avoid shaving

    Shaving is not recommended before hydrafacial as it could lead to irritation. You must shave your beard for at least 4 hours before getting the treatment.

    Hydrafacial Aftercare Tips 

    Hydrafacial is a beautiful cosmetic procedure that can provide you with immediately visible results. But, it would also show you the peak results in a few days after treatment. So, there are a few day-by-day aftercare tips that you must follow.

    Day 1

    Avoid skin toner

    You must avoid skin toner for your face as it can further cause dryness and skin irritation. Your skin would already get deep cleansing and toning with the facial, so there is no need to use more products.

    Skip the workout

    If you have a gyming routine, you must avoid it on the day of hydrafacial. It would cause excess sweat and heat that can cause obstacles in the full results. You must also skip the plan to visit the saunas and hot showers on the day of treatment. It could again make your skin heated up, which would not be suitable for hydrafacial results. 

    Be gentle

    You must clean your skin gently after the treatment as physical force might interrupt the hydrafacial outcomes.

    Day 2

    Hydrafacial before and aftercare tips will prove beneficial for you, so keep the focus on reading them for day 2.

    Limit sun exposure

    After hydrafacial deep cleansing, your skin would become more sensitive. So, it can be affected by excess sun exposure. So, if you can, avoid unnecessary sun exposure and always wear sunscreen.

    Leave skin natural

    It is good if you avoid home-based skin treatments during post hydrafacial care. It is good to stay away from the at-home skin routine. You do not need to think about skincare after getting hydrafacial. The facial itself is a good treatment for different skin issues, so you should leave your skin free. However, you can apply make-up after a day of the treatment.

    Day 3

    Avoid facial waxing

    You must not go for the laser or facial waxing after the treatment. It would interact badly with the exfoliation of your skin that can make it look peeled. Consequently, you might not get the radiance that you are expected to get with hydrafacial.

    These are the hydrafacial before and aftercare tips that one must acknowledge fulfilling. However, it is a must treatment if you want to explore numerous benefits.

    Versatile treatment

    Do you think that one skincare treatment could suit different skin types? If no then you will be surprised to know that hydrafacial is one that is suitable for all skins. Whether you have a bright or dark complexion and apart from oily and dry skin, you can get it done.


    Unlike traditional facials, hydrafacial provides superior results for improving overall skin complexion. It can work to reduce acne by cleaning the pores deeply. It can address skin dryness with deep moisture. It can clean the pores to give you a clean and bright complexion.

    No downtime

    The hydrafacial treatment requires no downtime as you can drive back home or work immediately after treatment. It does not have a recovery time, and results are instant and consistent. As the days pass, you will notice a surprising effect of the facial on your skin.


    Hydrafacial is a customizable treatment as you can combine it with other skin care procedures. You can get it after Botox and microneedling etc, to achieve peak aesthetic results. It has different types and levels that work to make the skin magically glowing and youthful.

    The Bottom Line

    It is needless to say that hydrafacial is the best cosmetic treatment. But, following hydrafacial before and after instructions is necessary to procure desired outcomes. You must consult with your service provider if you have any queries in mind. It is advised to visit a professional cosmetic clinic for greater results.  

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