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    What tips should be kept in mind before buying gear cutting tools?


    As an essential mechanical component, gears provide the ability to transmit torque in transmissions and gearboxes. Gears are typically made of hobbing, shaper cutting, and emerging technologies such as skiving. High-speed steel has long been the preferred material for gear manufacturing. One of the most commonly used tools in gear manufacturing are hobs, which are tools with many cutting teeth we can use to manufacture a wide range of gear types based on the angle and speed at which the tool is moving relative to the work piece.

    Choosing the right material is crucial to the success of gear cutting tools, which puts a high demand on materials with polar opposite properties. Increasing wear resistance is vital to improve performance and the number of parts manufactured between re-grindings, but achieving good surfaces and minimizing tool manufacturing costs also requires high grind ability. The following tips should help you find the right gear cutting tools:

    • Look at the supplier’s portfolio: The best thing to do before buying gear shaping tools for your business is to check the information about the supplier. It includes everything ranging from the date of commencing to the number of clients the supplier has and how his experience has been. Check out the number of tools he has sold till the present time and what are his honest reviews, through his clients. This will give you a clear picture of his reputation in the market.
    • Look at the variety bring offered: When you decide to choose the right supplier, make sure that he gives you a variety of gear cutting tools to choose from, this way you will be able to choose the ones which suit your requirements. If the supplier cannot give you variety to choose from, it is better to look for someone else. This is very important when you need two different cutters for different needs, make sure to get it from a single place only, rather than opting for different suppliers each time.
    • Look at the supplier’s experience in the industry: Though you should always give a chance to a new person, it is recommended to buy gear cutting tools from a renowned supplier, who has a name in the market and who has happy clients to his name. How a supplier treats his client tells a lot about him, so it is advised to get to know about him from the clients he has been serving for a lot of time. This way, you will get a clear picture.
    • Check the quality of tools being offered: When you pay a price for something, you always expect the thing to be apt and of top quality, the same applies in this case. Make sure to talk about everything regarding the price point and how much negotiation will be possible in extreme cases. All such things should be discussed beforehand, otherwise, there can be a lot of miscommunication in the long run.

    We hope that the above-mentioned tips help you choose the right gear shaper cutters suppliers for your business.

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