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    What is the cost of a composite deck?


    When you start looking for easy to maintain, composite decking, costs and materials, there are several important things that you have to see and compare. Nonetheless, there are various composite deck brands available in the market. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you restrict your search to brands like Brite Decking Australia with the latest engineering report. Several local building departments need a manufacturer to possess one of the reports to offer testing information of its availability. Looking for local availability will be pretty great; this would provide future buying more accessible for you.

    What is the cost of a composite deck? 

    Nothing is more valuable than a fabulous deck on a pleasant day, from conversations to cookouts. So, whenever you compare the composite decking’s cost with their natural wood’s equivalent cost, it is essential to know why composite decks are pricier than natural wood decks. 

    You will learn about the price of composite decking in this article

    On average, the deck falls between $30 and $60 per square foot; the price also consists of installation fees. Organic decks are cheaper than composite decks, specifically for expensive wood like redwood and red.  

    Do you think the composite deck is fair to its price? 

    Looking back at its prices, if you calculate, it falls between $12,000 and $24,000 for a composite deck, compared to $10,000 to $17,000 for a wooden deck. So it might look like a significant expense and distinctive up-front. 

    As a result, composite decks can last more than 20-30 years. Furthermore, because it combines organic and synthetic fibres wrapped in a protective artificial cover, the composite deck boards are more long-lasting as they are resistant to moulds, staining, and warping.

    Comparing prices can be considered the most essential whenever you’re trying to opt for the best product suitable to your budget. Several low-maintenance decking companies provide a variety of products at various price points.

    In several cases, you can even choose the samples of the material you will select. However, it is a great idea to do some realistic testing before you go on and finalise the material.  


    You must get the composite deck from the company, which costs at least 2-5 times more than the wood, based on the performance levels, which falls between low-cost premium; however, it is limited up to 10 years and provide a small portion of ownership in your lifetime.

    The modern composite decking trends come in a range of colors. They also come in reversible grain, which allows you to make a pattern by simply flipping the boards over. The decking I used, for example, had a smooth grain on one side and a “wood” grain on the other. I was able to establish a diversified appearance by simply turning those boards over. It’s possible that this isn’t anything you’d like to do, but it’s good to have the choice.

    There are disadvantages to composite decking that you will discover during your studies; let’s face it, there is no ideal solution. When compared to other wood products, the initial cost would be higher. In terms of the span of your joists, the design requirements are more demanding than for wood items, which adds to the expense.

    But I assure you, when you’re heading out to the golf course on a lovely sunny day and you see your neighbor refinishing his deck, you’ll appreciate the elegance of a composite deck. And that’s until the termites come to pay him a visit.

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