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    What is SEBI Grade A exam? What is the job profile of SEBI Grade A officers?


    SEBI or the Security Board of India ensures the protection of investors’ interests by formulating regulations. It also monitors the securities of the market. Officers of SEBI works on the guidelines of the share market and regulate it.

    The SEBI Grade A exam helps appoint candidates to the Officer rank of SEBI. SEBI is a prestigious organization that helps monitor the share market. The exam is an entry point into this Organization. SEBI Grade A exam recruits candidates for the officer position of the SEBI which is a very lucrative position. Thus, you can imagine that this is a very competitive exam.

    Wondering what job profile you will have? We are here to guide you through the information with which you can get a clear picture of it.

    Here are a few responsibilities of a SEBI Officer

    SEBI appoints candidates from various streams and departments. You would have to perform the specific set of functions for the respective streams. Although these functions and duties are in line with the overall responsibilities of SEBI as an organization. These functions and duties are made clear to you when you join the SEBI.

    Some of the responsibilities and duties of a SEBI officer are

    • Approval of stock exchanges by-laws
    • Amendment of by-laws of Stock Exchanges
    • Inspection of Accounts of stock exchanges and various players
    • Investigate and identify any malpractices within security markets.
    • Suspension of security Trading of a stock exchange
    • Granting and withdrawing recognition of a stock exchange.

    These are the few responsibilities that you will perform as a SEBI Grade A Officer. Although, Grade A officer is an entry-level position you can expect a promotion. Throughout your time in SEBI, you can expect a promotion to become an executive director, a top-level position. Furthermore, you can be promoted to the post of Chairman depending on the availability of the position.

    If you are confused about the Hierarchy of the SEBI organization we have made a chart to help you out.

    MANAGER(Grade B)

    This is the hierarchy (bottom-up) of the SEBI organization.

    Wondering about the benefits of a SEBI Grade A Officer? Let us help you

    In short, becoming a SEBI Grade AOfficerjob is very lucrative. An officer of SEBI enjoys multiple benefits and allowances. Furthermore, the officer earns a very high salary, which only adds to the benefits. We will help you understand the various perks that a officer enjoys other than SEBI Grade A Salary.

    Let us go over the allowances a SEBI Officer gets, these allowances are excluding the salary.

    • Dearness Allowance
    • Family Allowance
    • Local Allowance
    • House cleaning Allowance and more

    Additionally, with these allowances, you will be able to avail of several benefits as well. Some of them are

    • Leave Fare Concession
    • Medical Expenses
    • Eye Refraction
    • Education Allowance
    • Financial Dailies
    • Book Grant
    • Briefcase
    • Conveyance Expenses
    • Staff Furnishing Scheme
    • Scheme for purchasing computers
    • Subsidized Lunch Facility

    As you can see that all of these benefits make this position very lucrative. Furthermore, the position is a very respectable and reputed one.

    Hopefully, this article has given you a clear picture of what the responsibilities of a SEBI officer are. Moreover, you can refer to BYJU’s Exam Prep for more details. Knowing the fact that this is a lucrative and high paying position will enable you to work harder to achieve the position.

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