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    What Does an LPC Supervisor Do?


    There are many different kinds of counsellors working with clients, and sometimes it can be not very clear to know the difference between them all. You may hear about one kind of counsellor, especially if you’re looking into getting therapy, is the Texas LPC supervisor or licensed professional counsellor supervisor. What does an LPC supervisor do? What kind of counselling education do they have? How do they differ from other kinds of counsellors? Here’s what you need to know about LPC supervisors!

    An Introduction to the Supervisor

    While you may think that your supervising counsellor is only there to make sure you don’t get into too much trouble, a Texas LPC supervisor has many other responsibilities. As a graduate student, it’s important to remember that your education is more than simply completing hours and passing classes. It’s also important to be aware of some of your supervision duties so that you can achieve everything necessary for licensure.

    If you’re training to become a Texas LPC supervisor, one of your main responsibilities is supervising clients. The scope of supervision will depend on your experience and training. If you’re starting as a trainee LPC, supervision might mean accompanying new clients on their first few sessions while your supervisor looks on. As you progress, supervision might involve:

    • Taking over meetings with established clients.
    • Developing treatment plans.
    • Offering general advice as needed.

    Being able to supervise others effectively is important for any therapist or counsellor—it shows that you can provide guidance and support to people looking for help with a range of issues.

    Job Responsibilities of an LPC Supervisor

    Clinical supervision of all LPCs within a practice is essential for setting and maintaining high professional standards. As an LPC supervisor, you will ensure that your team completes required continuing education courses and evaluations and monitor their work to ensure adherence to established ethical guidelines. In addition, you’ll assist in overseeing their interactions with clients and serve as a resource for individual therapists who may require further information or assistance related to client issues. You may also provide some group therapy sessions as part of your duties or be involved in recruiting new therapists for your firm. Some supervisors may also choose to provide input into hiring decisions when adding new staff members.

    LPC Supervisor
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    Requirements For Being An LPC supervisor

    To be an LPC supervisor, you will need to be registered with a professional regulatory body and have completed your supervised practice. The exact requirements depend on which profession you want to work in. You will also need a degree, often of a social science nature. Finally, prior experience working in mental health is beneficial but not essential. Many employers prefer people who have previously worked in that setting. However, working as an LPC supervisor is still possible if you haven’t had previous experience working with mental health issues. Many employers are actively looking for people from different sectors to bring new skills and perspectives into their services.

    Getting Experience as an LPC Supervisor

    While you need to take a certain number of supervision hours during your LPC training. You’ll need to make sure that you have enough field experience as an LPC before you can qualify for supervising other counsellors. While there are specific requirements in each state, you’ll generally need anywhere from 400-600 supervised counselling hours under your belt (depending on where you want to become certified). Once your training is over, and you’ve had enough experience working with clients directly, it’s time to apply for approval as a clinical supervisor. The process varies from state to state but generally requires applying with several years of relevant information.

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