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    Types of Facelifts and Their Benefits


    A facelift is a cosmetic surgery also known as Rhytidectomy. There is a lot of types of facelifts. The procedure is done to reduce the wrinkles of the face. And other signs of ageing and the goal of this procedure is to improve the overall appearance of the face. It can tackle the effects that age, stress, and exposure to elements have on a person. In this procedure, surgeon will leave and tighten the inner muscles of the face to create a better appearance. And to remake the facial expressions. The surgeon will then remove the excess fat and skin to reduce the effects of age.

    Choosing a surgeon

    An experienced surgeon will make the procedure all the better and will give you more pleasing results. Because he will pay more attention to the details and will leave you with minimum scarring and a natural-looking face. Aside from the normal facelift, there are also different types of facelifts that are used on different faces. A skilled surgeon will use an advanced technique to minimize the discomfort as well as downtime. Face left is considered a cosmetic procedure so it is not covered by insurance unless it is medically necessary.

    Types of facelifts

    It is important to know the types of facelifts a person needs however it will also depend upon the budget that you have for the surgery. It will be important for you to determine your target area as well as the result that a person wants from the surgery. Following are the different types of facelift surgery in Dubai:

    Full facelift

    A full facelift is a traditional facelift with the most positive results. This process not only targets the surface skin but the deeper muscles of the skin as well. The procedure is performed on the sagging around the mouth, sagging around the cheeks, creases below the eyebrow, jowls, under the chin and many visible areas of the face. A longer incision is required because it targets a larger area. The incision of this procedure runs along with the temple, around the ear down to the neck. They are effective against the dramatic effects of ageing that’s why they are famous among patients who are in their 50’s or 60’s.

    Lower facelift

    As the name suggests this treatment is used on the lower area of the face so that is why it is called a lower facelift. The procedure works best in lifting the sagging from the sides of the mouth, enhancing the jaw, Reducing deep nasolabial folds and eliminating jowls. It is similar to all other facelifts. In this type of facelift, an incision is created along with your hairline and ear. It is suitable for all patients who want to reduce the visibility of ageing.

    Mid facelift

    During this facelift, the tissue below the eyes and around the cheeks are lifted and tightened. To do that the surgeon will make an incision which will be the same as the full facelift, however, the incision made during this facelift is deeper. By making the incision deep the doctor is able to lift the muscle which would otherwise be left untouched. The surgeon will either use implants or grafted fat to make better contours of the face. This procedure is used for mild wrinkles and does not solve all the ageing problems which is the reason that it is suitable for people who are in their 30s or 40s.

    Thread facelift

    This is one of the non-invasive types of facelifts that is quicker and there is minimum pain involved in the procedure and can be a great alternative to full facelifts. During this procedure, the surgeon will create small stitches below the skin to lift the inner muscles. The procedure is not invasive so it can be performed without anaesthesia and leaves no scar on the skin. The treatment is used for small adjustments of wrinkles and is suitable for people who are in their 30s or 40s.

    Mini facelift

    To perform this procedure a small incision is needed to be made and I also require less time for recovery. Just like the mid-facelift this facelift also target’s a small area of the face. The treatment is used to treat the neck, jaws and lower cheeks. In this procedure, the incision is usually made along the hairlines and behind the ears. These incisions are used to lift the muscles, remove excess skin and unnecessary fat. The procedure cannot be used to treat severe ageing effects which is the reason that it is famous among younger patients who are in their 30s or 40s.


    All of these types of facelifts have different uses and effects. The recovery times of these facelifts are different. The most effective facelift is the full facelift and it is suitable for severe ageing effects but its recovery time is the longest.

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