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    Type Of Lipstick Boxes Best To Engage Customers?


    Packaging always remains initial in marketing and captivating the customers. Due to this, every products supplier finds alluring and creative designs of lipstick boxes that can help them reinforce their visuals and presentation of their products in the industry. For this purpose, custom lipstick boxes are perfect for packing your lipstick in stunning packaging boxes. But here, the question is which type of lipstick boxes are best for your brand growth. And what things a cosmetic seller needs to consider before designing their packaging boxes. 

    Understand the Capability of Design 

    Before design the Mr. Right lipstick packaging; you need to know the importance and potentialities of styles or designs. The unique design provides the best visuals to your products, packaging that grasps your customers’ attention and completes them buying your products. So, you can choose any design pattern to create the perfect-looking custom lipstick boxes to engage your customers. Due to this, you can use the listed design pattern for you and merge them as per your need. 

    • Intricate lines 
    • Floral pattern 
    • Symmetrical designs 
    • Holographic design 
    • Blurring design
    • Marbling design patterns

    Choose Only Functional and Appealing Style for Lipstick Box 

    To apply the design to your printed lipstick boxes, you also need to choose a functional style. It means cosmetic vendors require a perfect box for securing your product and looking spellbinding to captivate the customers. Most of the brands sell their lipstick by placing marketed shelves, and some sell through online shopping plate forms. So, you need to use heavy-duty cardstock and secure style for custom lipstick packaging that holds your products firmly to deliver to the customer’s doorstep. Some styles are listed below for your information. 

    • Sleeve boxes
    • 1-2-3 auto bottom boxes 
    • Pillow shaped boxes 
    • Tuck-end boxes 
    • Seal-end boxes 

    Moreover, you can use mailer boxes to ship your products safely to customers’ doorstep to the positive image on their minds. 

    Captivating the Crazy Lipstick Lovers with Colors 

    Make your lipstick boxes like a powerhouse to grab the customer’s attention. Therefore, after choosing box style and design, the next highly important factor in turning customers’ heads towards your products is sparkling color. Lipstick suppliers need to choose colors carefully for lipstick boxes with logos to make your brand word of mouth. So, you can play with colors by using CMYK and PMS (Pantone Matching System) for your colorful lipstick boxes. Here is some color that is popular in the industry for cosmetic packaging. 

    • Nude shades 
    • Muted shades 
    • Pink shades 
    • Bold colors 
    • Light pastels 
    • Peachy and coral shades 

    Follow The Theme of Your Products Range 

    However, you need to follow the theme of your brand for placing a logo and printing your custom lipstick packaging boxes that show your existence in the industry. Also, when you follow the same theme for your logo and packaging, it resembles your band with products. Also, people find you immediately to buy their items. Moreover, you can apply matte coating if your sell matte liquid and bullet lipsticks. Similarly, UV coating is also fabulous in making shiny lipstick boxes for the packaging of your product. 

    Select Features That Increase the Beauty of Your Product

    Sometimes, brands choose all factors carefully, but still, they aren’t able to grab customers’ attention. So, they need more options that increase the worth of your products. On this subject, you need to figure out the use of add-on and embellishments that heft up the beauty of your products. On this subject, you can apply various coatings; matte, shiny, window cuts outs, foil stamping, and decorative material on the lipstick packaging boxes. Here are some colors that you can pick for foil stamping. 

    • Silver 
    • Gold 
    • Rose gold 
    • Burgundy 
    • Bronze 
    • Gunmetal 
    • Soft pink 

    Moreover, you can use embossing and debossing on the particular part of your lipstick boxes that attract customers as an apple eye. Also, blind embossing and debossing are the best options that you can use to give a decent look to your boxes. 

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    Easily Available Wholesale to Pack Bulk Products 

    One benefit is that customization gives you can order your personalized lipstick boxes wholesale to serve a bulk quantity of customers. Moreover, don’t forget to check free samples and mockups carefully before ordering a large number of boxes. 

    Wrapping Up Things 

    The above discussion is quite to explain which things you need to follow if you make custom lipstick boxes for your clients. In this regard, you need to understand the potential of design and functional styles for your lipstick boxes. Also, your box must be long-lasting, attractive, and appealing to captivate customers. Moreover, you need to follow the theme and add-on to boost the beauty of your lipstick boxes. So, you can choose each factor of lipstick boxes with a customized solution that fits your budget. 

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