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    How to Get updates on Trending News On Social Media Platforms


    Trending News Tips: The Art & Importance Of Tying Your Wares To Hot Topics  - Sellers Commerce Blog

    Trending news on a blog can bring increased traffic and better ranking to your site. The best way to keep your readers informed about the latest happenings is to post up to date, interesting news stories. However, if you want to reach a huge audience for your efforts, you will need to look for the right sources to feed your passion. If you don’t have much time to spend on researching and writing, there are other options available to you. Look out for the following helpful tips and find out how you can use them to make your blog posts trending.

    Twitter: You can use Twitter to discover what the latest trends are regarding your keywords. In order to do this, you need to start using it as an individual instead of using it as a business entity. Start searching for the terms and phrases that are related to your blog post and begin networking through the various social media sites. When you notice a trend for a particular keyword phrase, start tweeting about it. Remember to use the trending keyword phrase in your tweets as well, in order to spread the word even further.

    YouTube: Another way to find the trend of your choice is to watch the video related keyword phrases being discussed in real time. This can be very effective because most people tend to click on the first few seconds of video. If there are any discussions about a particular trending topic, you will definitely see them popping up on the video ranking site. Make sure that you update your blog posts with links to the newest video. As long as your posts are informative and relevant to your blog posts, you will soon notice a substantial increase in your search engine rankings.

    Google+ has recently launched a new feature that allows users to access their favorite pictures across the different social networks. If you are not an official part of any network, you can use this as an opportunity to expose your blog posts. You will be able to view trending topics in your Google+ photo album. You can also comment on images posted by other users, and encourage others to do so.

    Twitter: One of the best ways to stay on top of trends is to follow the conversation. If you follow the Twitter trends, you will be automatically updated every single one of them. The great thing about Twitter is that it gives you an opportunity to interact with prospects and other marketers. Every time there is a new blog post or tweet on Twitter, you should make a note of it so that you can share it with your followers. You can also view a particular trending topics in your interest account.

    Digg: Digg is another great way to view popular trending topics. Digg pulls up news stories based on keywords. If you have a large amount of quality content, it is likely that you will rank high in search results based on your keyword. However, just like with Twitter, it is important to update your status frequently in order to keep yourself in the loop. On any given day, you should update your blog posts and then Digg the news if it has picked up. By following the Digg Trends, you will have an opportunity to rank high among all the other blog posts that are already ranked.

    Facebook: The social media giants, Facebook has now launched Trending News which allows users to read the latest blog posts from all around the world. With this unique service, you can get to see what people are talking about in their communities right from your home. If you are signed up for the Facebook account, all you have to do is click on the “Trending News” button. If you don’t have Facebook, you can still see the latest trends through Google. By typing the keywords you are looking for in the search engine, you will be presented with the most relevant results. By using Facebook as well, it will help you build up your brand popularity, and as such, attract more followers.

    Twitter: If you own a Twitter account, you may follow the trending news through your profile. Every time a new post or news is posted by your company, you are informed about it immediately. Every tweet posted by you will also include the keyword you are targeting. This way, no matter where you are, you will be able to stay abreast of the latest trends in your industry.

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