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    Trello Software Hype Behind the Software Real?


    About Trello 

    Before we dive into the specifics of Trello cost. We want to tell you about the vision behind the software itself. The software is cloud based and has adopted a Kanban style methodology. The software was created by a company called Fog Creek in 2011. Since then, the software’s popularity has soared globally. 

    The reason for the software’s popularity is simple; it is not just easy to use but gives users endless options. The software serves as a virtual whiteboard which is completely malleable to your input. You can make lists, trays and much more all of which you can label. The software supports additions of text, videos, documents and much more so work can be directly uploaded upon it which makes project management all the easier. 

    In this Trello review, we will be exploring the various features of Trello software. And whether this software would work for your needs! Keep reading to find out. 

    Top Trello Features

    Customizable Board System 

    The software has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. The software is very adaptable to your needs and you can customize it to what you want. The software allows users to make trays which can be labeled to whatever you prefer. Examples of this can be making a tray for ‘ideas’, ‘work-in-progress’ and ‘completed tasks. All of these are examples of trays which can be created. And which can further have cards added by team members. or managers who can assign them to team members. This is a great way of organizing a project since these cards can be moved from one tray to another. So, using our previous example, if your ‘idea’ is now being worked on. It can be moved to the ‘work-in-progress’ tray! 

    Easy Editing

    The major reason for Trello’s popularity according to many Trello review. You will find online is the fact that it is so easy to edit. The software makes use of drag. And drop motions which make it easy for you to edit the various trays and cards. You can make as many customizations as you want to the trays. And if a card has been made, you can easily edit it at any point without any issues. You are also able to tag people and make comments on specific cards which makes it easier to give feedback and make edits! All in all, Trello software caters to your needs and keeps your ease in mind! 

    Simplified Collaboration 

    The collaboration feature in Trello software makes team work so much easier. The software allows you to add as many participants to a card. This means that several team members can be added to a single card and be updated with any changes or comments made to it. This helps you to make things more convenient since you do not have to individually remind or notify your team members of any changes! Other than that, the Trello boards, trays and cards are available for everyone on one workspace to view. This means everyone on the team is able to know which team member is working on what, and this helps them to keep up with everything and know what stage the project is in currently! 

    Be In-charge of your Timelines

    Trello demo has a great timeline feature which makes it so much easier to manage the final date for when a project is due. The software allows you to set a deadline for every task and notifies you about how much time is left for the task to be completed as well which helps you to keep on top of everything. You can also integrate the software to your calendar so that your calendar displays due dates for assignments and tasks. This helps to keep all your team members on top of tasks. And ensures that a project will be completed within the timespan you had originally decided upon! 

    Amazing Search Options 

    The software allows you to search for anything and everything on it. This means you can search for a specific card, and find it easy. You can write the name or any details for the card you remember and find it. The software also allows you to make tags on your card which can be searched. And whatever cards had the tags mentioned on them show up. This allows you to streamline your search and make it easier for you to find something. The software also allows you to access any past files which you might have uploaded on it without any issues! 

    Trello Cost 

    Now that we have told you endlessly about Trello software. You are probably wondering whether this software is within your budget. Well, one of the biggest reasons for this software’s popularity. Happens to be that it has a really great free version which gives you access to a limited number of features for 15 members of your team. The software’s paid version is also very affordable and costs $5 per user. This is why Trello is so popular; the software is very affordable and popular amongst small and big businesses alike! 

    Is Trello the Software for You?

    Now that we have come to the final portion of this Trello review.You are probably wondering whether Trello software is right for you and whether you should take the plunge. We would advise you to start out by using the free version of this software to see whether it caters to your needs and moving to a paid version if the free version seems up to your liking. Or at the very least opt for a Trello demo from the vendor to get a better idea about the software. We also suggest that you read other Trello reviews to see whether users like the software and recommend it to others since that is a good way to know about a software’s long term performance. 

    And finally, we suggest that you write down the features you would ideally want in a project management software. And then compare them to the features in Trello software to see whether this software is worth your time! 

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