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    Train the Violent Dogs by Using E-Collars


    Are you looking to train an aggressive dog? When you first introduce your pup, struggles are always there, but the challenge increases with breeds like a rottweiler. Using a dog shock collar can reduce the stress you and your dog undergo while training. A dog shock collar is a training device that has two parts – one is the collar that goes around the neck of the animal, and the second is the remote for the trainer.

    Why and how to train your dog with a remote shock collar?

    Shock collars are popularly knowns as electronic collars or E-collars. Shock collars are popular in many countries worldwide, but in many countries, animal cruelty law bans their use. While training, you can use a mix of voice commands, arm signals, and the training shock collar.

    When you start training any dog, it is essential to know the history of the animal. Many rescue animals suffer from anxiety and, therefore, aggression towards humans. It is challenging to train fully grown dogs who are huge and have violent behavior. 

    Proper use of the E-collar is crucial – you cannot buy one and experiment on the animal. Misuse of electronic collars over any animal can lead to irreversible damage. Get a proper fit dog collar for your pet so that the dog feels comfortable while wearing it. Each device comes with a set of instructions for fair use. Here are some of the features you choose from:

    • Training mode: The training mode is the highly recommended mode for starters. It includes a beep sound, mild vibration, and mild shock to teach the violent animal. Beef mode is the most suitable for smaller breeds at the start.
    • Vibration mode: When the animal is very violent and exhibits attacking behavior, vibration mode keeps them calm.
    • Static or Shock mode: Static to shock mode is ideal when the animal struggles to calm and obey the trainer. It is only for emergency purposes.
    • Training distance: You must maintain a certain distance from your animal while training. The dog should observe your hand signals voice command and adhere to the device. Any distance from 330 yards or longer is advisable for activity. The space will allow both animals and trainers to learn outdoor behavior.
    • Waterproof: Opt for waterproof devices when you want your fur friend to enjoy aquatic activities and still hold control. The waterproof device is ideal for rainy and wet weather.

    Using the shock collar for dog’s remote training is easy to follow the manual correctly. Start by teaching the animal the distinctive features rather than reaching for the highest degree of shock. Take it slow and patiently. Use the vibration mode and then eliminate it slowly – this way, they can understand the use and stop repeating the mistake. Develop a connection with your pet and combine the shock with the hand signals. This will give the dogs a cue before you hit the shock feature, and they shall soon adhere to the voice and hand command. 

    Appreciate your pets with loads of affection and treats every time you see good behavior to encourage.

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