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    Top five bike ride destinations in America


    Are you one of those bike freaks who always dream of going places pedaling? Well, consider this article to be your must-read. There are many places in the US where you can travel on a bike. It can either be a big city or a small town, but you can always get back to nature while riding in these places. 

    In this article, you can go through the details about the best places for bike riding in the US. Thus, your planning for a bike vacation becomes easier. After reading this piece, all you need to do is finalize a destination and set out. Have a look at the list given below:

    Bike ride destinations in America

    There are abundant bike ride destinations in America. However, few can reach up to those places on a bike. Often, poor planning ruins a bike vacation drastically. Read about the top five biking destinations of America here. Remember to check the climatic condition of a place you finalize before starting the trip. 

    1. Palisade

    Palisade is a small town located on Colorado’s western slope. It is famous for its peach vegetation. A bike vacation here can give you a chance to explore the place and taste many fine wines. 

    In Palisade, you can find a 25-mile loop for biking. So, you can either reach this place with your bicycle or hire one. While biking through the Palisade loop, you can witness the Grand Mesa and the Book Cliffs. 

    The shadow of Grand Mesa (11,000 feet) on the cycling path enhances the beauty of the place in the afternoon. Moreover, the entire route is covered with farms, vineyards, and fruit stands. So, you get a chance to choose a smaller route for biking and taste the fruits and marvelous wine of Palisade. As you plan for the trip, make sure to download the authentic cycling map of the place.

    2. Fredericksburg

     Fredericksburg is a small suburb in the Texas Hill Country, and it can give you a wonderful biking experience. Consider this place the perfect biking destination if you are comfortable with the warm climate. 

    The Texas Hill Country homes some picturesque vineyards, and the entire place is covered with rural roads. But, does it all remind you of John Denver? Well, it’s not West Virginia this time but Fredericksburg, and it can also take you home.

    Fredericksburg has a prominent German influence, and you can plan your bike ride during the Oktoberfest here. Make sure you check the Oktoberfest Texas site before visiting here. Also, you can take with you the maps of the 88 miles cyclable trail that you can cover in Fredericksburg. 

    3. Philadelphia

    In the district of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia has become one of the best biking destinations lately. The US Rails-To-Trails Conservancy has made it possible. In Philadelphia, you can get up to 10000 miles of biking roads. Thus, you can nearly cover the whole state.

    Consider Philadelphia as your next bike-ride destination if you plan to make it lengthy and lavish. But then, all you have to do is stick to a particular route and enjoy a wonderful bike ride amidst the calm nature. 

    Do not forget to visit places like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Valley Forge National Historical Park while you bike on the trails. Remember to start your ride from Downtown and reach up to the places above. 

    Furthermore, you can get awesome places to relax and rejuvenate in this city. The people of Philadelphia are always eager to welcome the bikers with all their love. The primary reason is that the bikers act as one of the prominent revenue sources for the locals. 

    As you plan to visit this place, make sure to check some authentic sites for more information regarding biking and staying.

    4. Travelers Rest

    The Travelers Rest biking trip can suit you if you are up to making a new friend. It is one of the latest spots for bikers where they can find the calmness of nature and a place to stay comfortably. This biker’s heaven is located in South Carolina. 

    Travelers Rest is entirely managed by George Hincapie, the proprietor of Hotel Domestique. You can stay in this hotel and coordinate your biking trip with the owner. Hincapie is a cyclist and traveler who can suggest the right way to bike and enjoy.

    Furthermore, Travelers Rest provides added conveniences to novice bikers. So, always try to visit here for your first bike ride. Hincapie runs a training session for the bikers adjacent to his hotel, which you must try to attain. 

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    5. Santa Fe

    Most bikers consider Santa Fe as the Mecca of mountain biking. So, you can plan your ride here if you are yet to visit the spot. Santa Fe is a small suburb located in New Mexico near the massive Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

    Biking at Santa Fe can be easy as maps for all bike trails are available. You can buy or download them if you desire to have fun while on a bike trip. Try visiting Santa Fe during the Bike and Brew festival. This festival attracts many bikers from the US and abroad as the town decks up with lights, rides, gourmet food joints, and beer.

    For more information regarding Santa Fe, you can visit the official website of the Santa Fe Century. This site enables you to register for multiple biking events. 

    Final Words

    Biking is not only an eco-friendly means of traveling, but it also improves overall fitness. If you are a biker, try going for rides more often. The US government is always eager to promote bike tripping. Finally, before choosing a destination and planning for a trip, check all the travel guidelines and certify your fitness. Another thing that you must remember is to wear safety gear properly when you ride. 

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