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    Top 5 most popular kitchen cupboard colors in 2022

    You must notice when you have done remodeling your kitchen with a nice and lavish finish and your cabinets must look outdated? If you are up to remodeling your kitchen, do not leave your kitchen cupboards alone. You can either consider installing new kitchen cabinets but what if your kitchen cupboards need to have a refinish. As the kitchen is the hub of every home, therefore, it needs to be attractive. Every homeowner is struggling to make their kitchen a statement. During kitchen remodeling, most people consider incorporating large islands, manage to have wider storage and seating space, but colors are equally important.

    Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

    Yes, when it comes to remodeling or renovation, colors are the most important and considerable item. From flooring to cabinets, and countertops, you can influence every conceivable aspect of design by choosing the right colors. If you seek insight into color trends, you can find several different options for several seasons. There are so many brands and shades from where you can choose the paint colors that will make your cabinets for kitchen look gorgeous. The kitchen must be soothing, stylish, clean, and comfortable, therefore, many homeowners opt to spice up things from bold and dramatic shades to new neutrals. Here are some on-the-rise color trends that you can use and incorporate with your kitchen to give a luxurious look. 

    Table of content

    1. Oceanic blue
    2. Earthy green
    3. Citrus hues
    4. Right-whites
    5. Saffron 

    Oceanic blue

    When it comes to the bold cabinet’s color, blue is all in the frame. Blue is an unexpected color that has a very unnatural feel but has a soothing and welcoming nature. Like every color, blue also has several tones and oceanic blue is one of the finest colors for your kitchen cupboards Roselle. For the brightest option in the range of blue, oceanic blue is extremely nautical and lightens up your kitchen. You can try it out on your flooring, ceiling, counters, and cabinets, and do not give you a dated look and feel. 

    Earthy green

    In the design world, earthy hues and contrast are started making their rise again for sage. If you want to bring some nature-inspired theme inside your house you can use the earthy green color shades. This color range is also popular to be used in the kitchen. It is a go-to neutral color range that is very helpful for homeowners to ground the lofty space. Also, if you incorporate the earthy green shades with darker elements, it helps keep the darker shade from feeling too dramatic. 

    Citrus hues

    Citrus colors such as yellow and green are the playful palettes you can use for your kitchen panel. It can be a bold choice but this color range can bring positive energy into the high traffic kitchen area. If you have a wider kitchen space, you can incorporate the citrus hues that are grounded in nature and pair them with some neutral accents. The source of natural light can also keep the kitchen feeling like a welcoming gathering spot especially in spring. 


    Interestingly, white is not a one-color shade. Choosing the right shade of white can be a harrowing experience. The best way to choose from white shades is to compare them to each other. This comparison will narrow down the undertones and help you decide the best one that suits your kitchen cupboards and incorporate other elements. Choosing from white such as warm white, cool white, and simple white will give you a pretty clean look but make sure to create nice visual support. White is the utmost preference for so many homeowners because it gives a wider room to play with colors. 


    Saffron is a rich spicy color that is most popular among kitchen sideboards and designs. It has a very versatile nature and usually comes in undertones to compliment dark shades. If you have an open natural light source in your kitchen, it can be very welcoming. If you often lacking up the natural light in your space, saffron color can bring sunshine and warmth. Saffron is a strong color that might look wrong when it is the only thing in your kitchen. Therefore it requires to have a perfect pairing of design elements and open shelving can be a great compliment. 

    Final thoughts

    Nothing can define the right look and feel of your kitchen space other than your cabinets. You can either go with replacing the old cabinets with new kitchen cabinets or remodel the existing ones. Painting your kitchen cupboards in a bold color can give you a strong and powerful feel. In recent times, the newest kitchen trends are more focusing on what goes into your kitchen cupboards. Cabinets are not only used for storage purposes but are also considered an integral element of your kitchen design. Pick the brightest and confident pops of color to cabinets, floor, and ceiling to give your kitchen an aesthetically appealing look. 

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