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    Top 5 Dos and Don’ts When Creating A Logo


    Logo designing is not as simple as it appears. Your logo and other branding liabilities are often the basis for all your visual requirements, so the decisions you make during the design procedure must be brought in with great thought and techniques. If not designed effectively, you will see yourself returning back to the logo to perform unforeseen revisions resulting in unevenness and, eventually, a visual recognition void of cohesion. So we have listed the top 5 dos and don’ts for an effective logo design.

    Don’t fill in too many colors.

    When it’s all about logo designs, it’s better to go for simplicity and have your logo design possess two or three colors tops. To ensure your design isn’t too occupied, shrink the image on your computer; if it appears blurry in this format, consider cutting out some color.

    Do avoid unessential words.

    Excessive words don’t work in logo design. To make a memorable, shareable logo, you require simplifying every part. Detach the company name from the icon, go for lesser words, and aim only at the logo. Do so, and you will get the advantages.

    Don’t work with the incorrect font.

    If you like a particular font very much because it appears great on the screen in front of your eyes, do not forget to evaluate how it appears in other scenarios. Take a look from a nice amount of distance or see how it appears when combined with the other fonts your brand utilizes in printed elements or on your website. If the newly chosen font appears great in all of these scenarios, it just may be the one only for you.

    Do unassociated images from text and drop the idea of drop shadows.

    It may seem that your logo is the ideal one with the combination of icon and text, but if you can detach the icon from the text, it will definitely be better. In this social media era, nothing will get shared more than an icon. If you create a shareable logo, you do it with an icon.

    Drop shadows may be a tempting idea, but they are created for especially large files that send wrongly or don’t send at all. They can also result in display issues and create your logo to appear off in print. The smaller graphic influence they provide simply isn’t worth it.

    Don’t add clip art.

    You’re attempting to design a logo and you see the ideal little graphic in clip art. Now your work is done, and it was simpler and more budget-friendly than you ever thought possible. But clip art is mostly community art, and your simple, budget-friendly solution is there for others as well. That says while you’re attempting to develop your brand recognition with your new logo, others could also be performing the same with similar art, maybe also on the same platform.

    Also, the clip art says you won’t be able to trademark it. Don’t indulge yourself in the event of a costly rebranding effort. Build your logo the correct way the first time by choosing an innovative logo design, rather than clip art.

    So, these were all the 5 Dos and Don’ts you require to keep in mind when creating a logo like a professional logo designer. And, if you are looking for a web design company with a freelance logo designer in Singapore, the company, Logodesign Singapore brings in unique, professional, conceptual & custom Freelance Logo Design, Web Design, WordPress Website Design services, and more to elevate your business in Singapore at affordable prices.

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