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    Top 5 Best Churros Packaging 2022


    Do you have a churro shop and are you looking for the best churros packaging available on the market? This is logical because betting on the quality of transport of your product will allow you to offer churros that are always crispy and hot for longer.

    To make it easier for you, we did some research to find the 5 best churro wrap options on the market today. Our selection is mainly based on quality and resistance. But we are also interested in comfort, lightness, and practicality, essential elements to allow you to offer an irreproachable service.

    Your customers want to taste your freshly made, hot, and crispy churros and donuts. Irresistible, isn’t it? Well, to provide consumers with a service with these characteristics, the churro packaging you choose must be able to protect, present, and transport your hot, oil-soaked produce without leaking and in an attractive, convenient way. and easy.

    Then, pay close attention to our list of the best churros wraps so you can choose the best ones to suit your needs and budget. Your customers will thank you, and your wallet too.

    The best trendy packaging for churros

    We did exhaustive research to pick the 5 best churro wrap options. Each of them has been designed to guarantee a unique customer experience. And take the taste of delicious churros to the next level.

    To stand out from your competition, consult our ranking to choose the packaging that best suits the characteristics of your business

    Greaseproof churro bags

    A packaging specially designed to transport churros in a traditional, efficient and practical way.

    It is a type of kraft paper bag whose inside is lined with a film that serves as an insulator for fats, prevents stains, and resists the oil that churros give off, especially when they are cooked. are freshly prepared.

    Greaseproof paper cone

    Now is the time for you to get acquainted with the popular parchment paper cone with newspaper print, also known as churros cone. It’s made from greaseproof parchment paper and features a fun black and white design that mimics newspaper.

    What characterizes this packaging is that it is very easy to assemble and transport. These characteristics, in addition to its excellent price and its great versatility, have allowed its use to become popular within fast food companies.

    It is also important to note that it is a product that contributes to the protection of the environment and is very safe for your customers since it is certified for food contact. Visit also: Sandwich Paper and Tray Liner Suppliers

    Cardboard box for churros and chocolate

    If your shop’s gourmet offering includes hot chocolate, you should consider this option.

    These boxes, called take-out churros boxes, are small, handy square boxes made of kraft cardboard. Their design not only allows them to retain the shape of the churros but also isolates grease to prevent stains and spills.

    They have become the ideal choice for transportation thanks to their practical design. They are easy to grip thanks to the cutouts. This way it is easier for the person to hold their box of churros at the same time as there are holes for the glass of chocolate and the napkins

    Without a doubt, it’s a very comfortable way to eat your churros while walking down the street. Or comfortably carry your entire order home.

    High quality kraft cardboard cone

    Cardboard Cones are ideal for packaging foods such as donuts or churros. But they are also very popular for fries and other similar products.

    This type of packaging won third place for its ingenious design that includes a flap for sauces. Or in the case of churros, store the sugar so your customer can serve themselves as they please. Thanks to this, it is able to offer safety, stability, and ease of handling during transport, ideal for one-handed carrying. A very practical option made of high-quality cardboard.

    Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your customers or the environment. As it’s a very safe, disposable, biodegradable, and recyclable option. It is also certified for food contact. Try also: Eco-friendly Disposable Lunch Boxes Supplier

    Corrugated cone

    Our ranking also includes the corrugated cardboard cone. A conical kraft-colored corrugated cardboard packaging.

    A very versatile design that is not only used to wrap churros but is also ideal for transporting all kinds of fast food products, especially fried ones. This is possible because it is made of cardboard with an anti-grease treatment. It prevents stains and oil does not penetrate.

    It is also biodegradable, compostable, and safe for your customers, as it is food contact certified.

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