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    Thunderous Smite 5e


    Thunderous Smite is a spell that deals extra damage when you hit a creature with melee weapons. When you make a successful saving throw against a target’s DC, you can deal an additional 2d6 thunder damage. The effect is a force field around your target, knocking it prone and dealing additional thunder damage. It deals 1d6 points of damage and can only be used against creatures that are at least 10 feet away.

    Thunderous is an effective smite spell, with self-type, V components, and a concentration duration. The effect allows you to charge anything, even a melee weapon attack. The effect deals 3d8 radiant damage. It requires a Constitution saving throw, but it can be used multiple times. The target will be blinded until the spell ends, so make sure that you concentrate on a target before using this power.

    When a creature makes a melee weapon attack, it makes a thunder-like sound. If the target is sneaking, the attack can sound like a distant thunderstorm. The effect is only effective on the first attack, but can be used multiple times to attack a single target. When you use it properly, it also moves forward, which can be very beneficial. However, you must be careful, as it can cause some damage.

    Thunderous Smite deals an additional 2d6 thunder damage. The target must succeed at a DC 13 Strength saving throw, or suffer an immediate loss of half its Hit Dice score. The effect can be used to warn enemies of sneak attacks. In addition, it deals 1d6 radiant damage to creatures that use melee weapons. This spell can be cast by a ranged character. This spell does not cost a special talent to learn, and it can be used at any time.

    Thunderous Smite is a powerful smite spell. It has a maximum range of 300 feet and has V component and concentration duration. The target can attack with any type of weapon, including melee ones. If the target fails the saving throw, it is knocked prone and must make a Strength saving throw against it. The effects of thunderous smite last for 10 seconds.

    Thunderous Smite is a powerful spell that deals 3d8 radiant damage. It can be cast as a bonus action before attacking, and burns through spell slots quickly. It is best used before attacking, but you should make sure you cast it before. When you do make a save, make sure you have a good chance of saving your life. It is also important to keep your concentration and avoid distractions while casting thunderous smite.

    A creature affected by thunderous smite can hear it from 300 feet away. The spell deals 2d6 thunder damage and requires a successful Strength saving throw. The creature is pushed ten feet away and knocked prone. It does not benefit from maintaining concentration after the attack. It is a good choice for a melee weapon. It can be used to strike enemies at close range.

    The effects of thunderous smite are often underestimated, but can be extremely effective. When used correctly, it can do 2d6 thunder damage to a creature in 300 feet of distance. The effects of this spell are audible within this range and can be very dangerous if the target is close. Its ability to knock the enemy prone is a useful feature to consider when planning a raid.

    This smite spell can cause an intense impact when it strikes a creature at close range. The Thunderous smite spell is a powerful smite spell with V components, a concentration duration, and self-save. When it hits a creature, it deals 3d8 radiant damage. A creature that fails the strength save will be knocked prone until the spell ends.

    The Thunderous Smite spell is owned by Wizards of the Coast. It can be found on page 282 of the Player’s Handbook. Its effect is unbounded and has no special effects. Unlike smite, this spell’s ability gives it a powerful bonus to hit a creature at a distance. The thunderous smite will also cause a loud sound.

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