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    Thorough Guide to Create Linksys Cloud Account


    Linksys smart WiFi service offers users to access a high-speed internet connection via their routers manufactured with cutting-edge technology. Users can perform Linksys router login using a computer and tweak various settings of their WiFi devices in order to maximize the router’s performance. However, you can’t have access to a computer all the time. It becomes more difficult when you have to manage your Linksys router remotely. Keeping that in mind, Linksys provides an amazing facility to manage the router via a Linksys cloud account. Let’s delve deep in to know more about Linksys cloud account and the benefits of creating it.

    What is Linksys Cloud Account?

    Linksys Cloud Account is a facility that lets you configure your router locally as well as remotely. Using the Linksys Cloud Account, you can manage your router’s settings from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. It can be created after setting up a Linksys WiFi router. And, the best part is that it is accessible via a supported web browser and the Linksys app.

    Now, let’s have a look at the advantages of creating a Linksys Cloud Account.

    Benefits of Creating Linksys Cloud Account

    • With the evolution of technology, there are a plethora of devices connected to your Linksys router’s WiFi network. Therefore, it becomes difficult to manage those devices. But, by creating a Linksys Cloud Account, you can easily keep a tab on devices connected to your router’s WiFi network.
    • Another benefit of having a Linksys Cloud Account is its user-friendly interface. This means that you need not get into various sections of your router’s settings to configure them.
    • Your router will have a top-notch security level because none of the router’s settings is saved on the Linksys Cloud Account, they are saved on your router instead.

    Straightaway, let’s discuss the steps to create a Linksys Cloud Account.

    Steps to Create a Linksys Cloud Account

    Before you create a Linksys Cloud Account, make sure that you have set up your router in a proper manner, and it is running on an updated firmware. Given below are the steps to create a Linksys Cloud Account:

    • Plug your Linksys smart WiFi router into a non-damaged wall socket and power it up.
    • The moment the power LED on your Linksys smart WiFi router starts glowing green, grab an Ethernet cable.
    • Use the Ethernet cable to create a connection between your Linksys router and modem.
    • After connecting the WiFi devices, switch on your PC and launch a web browser that is free of cookies, cache, and browsing history.
    • Navigate the cursor to the URL field and type the router’s default web address into it.
    • Pressing the Enter key will take you to the router’s administrative page.
    • Here, you need to select the Click Here link at the bottom of the screen.
    • Now, you will be asked to provide a few details like your name, email ID, password.
    • So, enter the required details and agree to the terms and conditions after reading them.
    • Click the Create My Account option.
    • Now, check your email and see if you’ve received any from Linksys Smart WiFi Mailer.
    • Open the email and activate your Linksys Cloud account.
    • You will see the ‘Account is now validated’ message on your screen after activating it.
    • Thereafter, click the ‘Here’ link to log in to your Linksys Cloud Account.
    • Enter the login details of the account you’ve just created, and click Sign in.
    • Lastly, associate your Linksys smart WiFi router by entering its default login credentials and clicking the OK button.

    You’ve now successfully created a Linksys Cloud Account and associated it with your router. Now, you are free to manage your router’s settings via Linksys Cloud Account. Just in case you are unable to create the account, implement the following troubleshooting hacks:

    Fixed: Can’t Create Linksys Cloud Account

    • Ensure that the web browser you’ve used to create a Linksys Cloud Account is operating on an updated version. Moreover, use a supported web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Apple safari to log in to Linksys Cloud Account.
    • Enter the correct email ID and password to create your Linksys Cloud Account.
    • If the Linksys Cloud Account login screen is distorted, consider refreshing your web browser so that you can easily associate your router with it.
    • Most importantly, use the correct default login credentials of your Linksys router to associate the Cloud Account.

    Final Words

    This is how you can create a Linksys Cloud Account and associate your WiFi router with it. So, don’t wait to log in to your Linksys Cloud Account and tweak the router’s settings.

    Note: However, if you own a Linksys extender, you still need to access to change its settings.

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