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    Things really attractive with honor 50 8gb/128gb


    Other options available in the menu are Panorama, HDR, Time Lapse, Stickers, Documents and Story. We have long been impressed with the image quality of the Honor and Huawei bias, and the Honor 50 8gb/128gb is no different. In good light, the colors of the main 108mp camera are bright, vibrant, and vibrant, performing in a satisfying quantum of detail in 12-megapixel pixel-band images. Overall, the Honor50 8gb/128gb’s displays are well- balanced, while the AI setting in “Photo” mode works well in choosing the right settings for the situation. There will be more things that attract with honor 50 8gb/128gb so if you want then visit here.

    How to analyze the honor 50 features

     We are sure utmost people will be happy to stick to this mode for utmost of their shots, only to switch to one of the other modes-suchlike Pro-in certain situations. 

    • 10x digital drone is respectable, but we wouldn’t recommend using it frequently if you can avoid it. 
    • In low light, a veritably emotional night mode can be used to give excellent hand- held shots indeed in the presence of veritably low light. 
    • Wide angle lens shows veritably little deformation and is especially useful for armature and geography shots. 

     Macros and buccal lenses are kindly constrained by their modest 2-megapixel resolution-we have frequently achieved better results by using the main camera and cropping for macro shots, for illustration. 

    Creating low depth quality 

    Orifice and portrayal mode are great for creating low depth of field goods. They do a good job of mimicking the type of shot you might anticipate to get with a” real” camera, especially if you do not check the images more nearly and only the fairly small size I’m participating them online.

    The first is presumably the most useful because it allows you to retake a subject and talk about it with the camera at the same time, while the reverse/ reverse uses wide angle and standard lenses at the same time. Give up to 5x latterly. Drone in, so you can contemporaneously retake an ultra wide and near- over view of the subject. 

     Honor 50 8gb/128gb 

     In furthersub-menus, Pro Mode is intriguing and commodity that suckers will be veritably interested in. With this mode you can change the metering mode, ISO speed (100-12800), shutter speed, exposure compensation, AF mode. And white balance. You can only record images in JPEG format, still, not in Raw Format (DNG) as on some other Honor/ Huawei bias. 

      Honor 50 8gb/128gb formulate attractions

     High-res mode produces veritably high resolution images-12032×9024 pixels to be exact-which is only 3x larger than the dereliction 12 megapixel 3904×2928 pixel images that the Honor 50 8gb/128gb records. Super Macro mode enables you to concentrate on a subject that’s only 4 cm down from Honor 50 8gb/128gb, although no bus- fastening is available in this mode-you just have to make sure that you Holding cameras at a distance of further than. To get a sharp image, which can be a bit megahit and miss?

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