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    The role of education in society


    Thinking about this question, I remember high school girls, and they are still immature in this matter. It was the early 1990s, the last century, the era that is commonly called the “nineties”. The era in which there was a radical change in the value system within the framework of global “survival.” 

    So to speak, it collapsed. …according to many. When the time spent on education ceases to make sense. In most cases the education received cannot provide its owner with a decent standard of living.

    The importance of education

    Seeing the importance and necessity of education, I decided to find out what kind of education my ancestors had. Originally a farmer, some had an education after primary school. Thanks to my education, my grandfather became the head of the district post office. And my grandmother became a secretary of the State Bank.

    It turns out that my family consisted of civil servants, history teachers, school administrators, and collective farm heads. His mother’s education was also highly regarded by one of his relatives, R.Ya. Malinovsky became a Soviet marshal. From this.

    it is known that education raises your position in society. And is the subject of imitation and respect, whoever the real person is. Having come to this conclusion, I decided to continue my studies after graduation.

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    What is the role of education today?

    At this time, as always, education serves as a guide for the man in life. Influences the formation of his worldview, the continuity of language, traditions. And, consequently, the stability of society and the formation of national identity. I assure. Do. and plays a role in preserving the country’s culture. ….

    In addition, the social role of education in modern society has increased significantly. According to most scholars, today education has become the most important factor. Setting new economic and social standards. And the evolutionary prospects of humanity largely depend on its leadership and effectiveness.

    I am doing. Overcoming the crisis of civilization and solving the most complex problems. Is always directly related to the development of education in its universal character. And ensures cultural dialogue through its intellectual support. What you can do is very clear. .. “Let’s save civilization!” This is the basic principle that underlies all areas of public life, including education.

    Science and technology.

    With rapid progress in science and technology, the spread of information technology radically changed. The nature of production and affected the qualification requirements of modern specialists.

    Modern workers need to be as mobile and analytical as possible, as well as have specific knowledge. In addition, the active development of technology and the rapid depletion of knowledge. Many scientific and technical areas require the constant development of specialists.


    Therefore, in the ever-changing world of information, education can no longer be considered merely an ideological body of knowledge. In cases where the individual is the most important value and the real capital of society. The goals and consequences of the educational system must be human intelligence and personality.

    Thanks to the latest technologies

    Thanks to the latest technologies, the availability of information has significantly improved. You can use the Internet to gain specialized knowledge from the comfort of your own home.

    In this sense, the task of modern education is not to give knowledge to people, but to form modern thinking and develop the student’s personality. Modern society needs ethical, professional, communicative, and tolerant people who are able to acquire new knowledge, effectively analyze possible outcomes and make independent non-standard decisions. ..

    Finally, I would like to emphasize that education allows you to realize your destiny, does not allow you to be discouraged by the reality that surrounds you, and inspires active creators. Please search for something new. , I do not understand. In the modern world, education helps a person to achieve more and has a positive effect on his self-esteem and, accordingly, on his moral and mental state.

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