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    The main missions of mobile application developer


    The main missions of a mobile application developer

    In this article, we will discuss some main points of a mobile app developer and his mission for apps develpment

    The smartphone and tablet market is booming today. We find in all stores various models, different sizes, but also multiple operating systems depending on the brand of the device. For each of these devices, applications will be created and adapted for each. The person in charge of creating these different applications is called a “mobile application developer”. But what is the nature of his work?

    The main role of a mobile application developer is to create a mobile application. Of course, his mission does not stop there; since he may also be required to adapt a website to different mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets) but also to improve an application already produced by him or by a third party.

    To carry out these various missions, he must, as for most web professions, respect specifications that will have been established by himself or in close collaboration with the project manager. These specifications include all the information relating to the customer’s request as well as the terms to be respected. The developer then makes precise computer software and determines the calculations for data processing.

    The developer can work alone or in a team. His work must be regularly saved and made available to other employees. A system for managing tasks to be performed and bugs to be rectified is generally used by developers to facilitate the progress of the application. When a task is completed, the developer will perform various tests before moving on to the next step. At present, there are a multitude of different mobiles and operating systems, so it is essential to test the use of the application on these different devices and check that the display is ergonomic.

    Mobile Application Developer Status

    A mobile application developer will have the opportunity to work on his own account – namely freelance – work for an agency, or the opportunity to integrate large companies that have their own computer room.

    Technical knowledge

    In his various missions, he will have to put into practice his heavy knowledge in the mobile universe. First of all, he must obviously master HTML, CSS, and many others. He must also be gifted in mathematics and more particularly at the level of algorithms. These will be essential for data processing. It also closely follows technological developments but also keeps up to date with the latest web trends.

    But that’s not all; in fact, the mobile application developer must be able to represent his client’s request in the form of technical language. He must be competent and able to explain to everyone in the project what he has accomplished in a simple and understandable way. He must therefore be very comfortable in exchanges and communication with others.

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