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    The Brand New Microsoft Azure Certification


    Microsoft has made another important update to its IT training certification program. These changes make it easier to use the Microsoft azure certification. However, there are some disadvantages. In addition, anyone who has trained or thought about Microsoft should know how to develop this program. Also, if you’ve already received Microsoft azure certification, you should be aware of these new updates. This is because some Microsoft certifications are affect.

    Are there any changes?

    Microsoft will remove the letters MCITP and MCTS. These certificates will replace the MCSE and MCSA names that Microsoft has long used.

    However, Microsoft is doing more than just renaming it. We also downgraded the MCITP rating to MCSA instead of Microsoft’s highest certification format, MCSE.

    Again, Microsoft has introduced new authentication requirements for anyone wanting to keep the new MCSE or MCSD name, which confuses many certificate holders the first time they boot. I was allowed. Many understand that the constant and rapid changes in the world of technology make it impossible for people to maintain their certification level without regular education. You must renew your MCSE certification every three years and renew your certification. MCSD There is no need to reaffirm MCSA certification every two years.

    Why is it changing?

    The Microsoft titles MCITP and MCTS are not well receive students with degrees or wanting to hire graduates from Microsoft degree programs. Therefore, you will not be able to tell the difference between the new Microsoft azure certification and the outdat corporate certificate. This means that it is difficult for applicants and potential employers to explain exactly what the new type of certification means. And why is it as good as the old certificate?

    Another reason for not making significant changes to the default program is because Microsoft has announced the need to regularly renew its certificates. However, it is unclear to the company how the certificate will be renewe and when it will expire. It goes without saying that this situation creates a lot of confusion for those looking to start a Microsoft training program.

    How to renew an existing certificate?

    Almost all new MCSE, MCSD and MCSA certifications undergo ad-hoc advertising tests. These exams are design to test students’ knowledge of the new features. And new technology changes require one or more valid MCTS or MCITP certifications. Additionally, if you already have an MCITP certification for Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7, you can expect to receive the corresponding MCSA certification from .automatic.

    Are there any advantages to migrating to Microsoft credentials?

    This is because Microsoft recently chang its certification guidelines. Thus, individuals do not need to immediately renew their certification. Many employers are looking to hire someone with MCITP or MCTS certification. Especially if you have experience and can keep up with new developments related to your profession.

    However, in the future, it will be beneficial for everyone to have a new, updated certificate that reflects the new version of Microsoft’s system and technology. However, obtaining a new certificate can be time consuming and expensive. In addition, the skills learne in previous versions of the Microsoft program are valuable and can apply to new types of learning requirements for validation. The need to renew an existing certificate (by passing a special renewal test) is becoming more and more urgent. Your company is launching a new version of Microsoft technology, such as Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2013, or Exchange 2013. You can also get the ITIL 4 Foundation details.

    Some people are taking Microsoft courses. However, these changes were neither easy nor difficult. But in most cases it helps. And in the long term, it helps to better reflect the level of education and experience of a person in the field of information technology. Those who take Microsoft’s new technology course are now using new software. Don’t worry, those with older certificates (also known as old certificates) can use the old certificates without any problems. Finally, it is recommend to upgrade to a new certificate.

    Are you thinking about completing a degree or are you improving your current degree? See a detaile guide to IT courses on our website. Or check out Microsoft’s proprietary online guide.

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