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    Spending a Day on a Yacht


    To the novice, chartering a yacht in Los Angeles can seem like a pretty daunting proposition. It is a yacht, after all, and most people in Southern California, except surfers, rarely interact much with the open water. Notice, I said “open” sea. Sitting on the beach in Santa Monica and working on your tan isn’t going to cut it. No, to experience the open sea you need a yacht, good friends and good food. Yes, a strange combination of factors, but essential after all.

    To perpetuate sailors, a yacht does not qualify as a seaworthy vessel. For them, a yacht is a floating hotel. It’s like taking a chartered bus to see the homes of the stars. But what do they know? Sometimes you just want to get away from the city, the traffic and the daily grind. So instead of going to parts north of Los Angeles County, the wise and wistful are heading west to the sea. Before you get shocked at the prospect, this isn’t the open sea here, just the kind of open sea 20 miles offshore.

    If you rent your yacht in Los Angeles, you will most likely be shipped to Catalina and west, about an hour’s drive from Marina del Rey. It’s the default route preferred by most yacht captains and it’s the route most Angelenos hope to take. Sure, it’s a bit cheesy, but when it comes down to it, the beauty of a rental car isn’t the sights you’ll see, it’s about the boat. And this is no ordinary ship. This is a ten meter luxury yacht complete with hot tub, showers and guest cabins. If you had enough money, you could even live in one of these indefinitely.

    The Yacht Rental Two-Step

    If you are interested in yacht rental dubai, LA is the right place for you. Los Angeles may not seem like a great city to navigate at first glance. That’s understandable given its reputation for the Hollywood Hills and the sand and the surf and David Hasslehoff running around shirtless on the beach. Sure, where there’s sand and surf and Hasslehoff, there’s definitely some form of sailing.

    While tourist traps like the Santa Monica Pier and Huntington Beach capture the imagination of millions, few people care about the marina at…well, Marina del Rey. There you will find a crowd of sailing and yachting enthusiasts, men and women who love the allure of the calm Pacific Ocean, the wind in their hair and, for those who can afford it, good catering. After all, it’s not really sailing when you have to prepare your own meals.

    If you’re new to boating, and just want to dip your proverbial toe in the water, you may want to start smal yacht rental dubai. By small I mean something like a ten meter yacht. If you’ve never steered a yacht before, it’s a good idea to let the man behind the wheel do the steering and navigation. Basically I suggest you charter a yacht and enjoy your time at sea.

    That fun would involve having some of his closest friends and loved ones on board. Thirty meters is a lot of space. With your friends in tow, you can make a day on the water a memory everyone will treasure for years to come. All of this may sound dry and dry, but it makes sense once you make a reservation and get on board.

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