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    Rich Crème Hair Colour – Black


    Being the most common and classic hair colour, black represents strength, quality, and texture. Trust us when we say this, people having naturally black locks are very lucky! With Godrej Black hair colour you can style your hair the way you want. For instance, you can colour your hair with a lighter shade, go for highlights, and various other trends. Black means royal, classic – and people with black tresses look beautiful. So, let us look at the reasons as to why the black colour is always in trend.

    • Style: Black is a versatile shade. It remains in fashion 24×7. Being the most transitional colour, black appreciates your natural look and enhances your style. For mature, beautiful, and shiny hair, black is the shade one must go for.
    • Facial Features: Black highlights your facial features. How? Why? Well, black is a shade that goes well with every skin tone, undertone, and eye colour. Unlike lighter hair colours, black enhances your natural beauty. Thus, if you have light hair colour, you can go for shades of black.
    • Thick & Dense: Black shade makes your hair look dense and thicker. Amid our busy lives, we tend to lose our hair to a great extent. Thus, people with black hair represent a stronger and fuller look.
    • Easier to Maintain: Black is a low-maintenance shade that never goes out of style. The natural pigment of your hair remains, unlike temporary hair colours. With hair colours, you need to undertake several hair treatments. But with naturally black hair, you don’t need to worry about colour loss. Black tresses are easier to maintain, unlike the coloured ones.  
    • Natural Beauty: Changing your look often gives a little boost to your attractiveness. But a natural look is always preferred by people. Naturally black coloured hair often looks more beautiful rather than temporary colours like red, green, purple, blue, etc. Pairing these shades with black can elevate your look, but natural locks look beautiful. Isn’t it? 

    So, these are some of the reasons that reveal why black hair colour is the best hair shade. Black is a classic colour that enhances your features and elevates your natural beauty. If at all you have brown or lighter hair colour, you can pair it with different shades to stay in trend. To colour your hair black, you can use natural dye, i.e., Godrej Black Hair Colour. It will colour your hair black without damaging them. Having said that, let us now look at the best black hair trends that you can take up in 2022.

    Black Hair Trends – Highlights

    A beautiful hair shade that can be paired with every other shade on earth! Let us look at how you can style your black hair to slay every party, function, and even a normal day.

    1. Subtle Highlights with Black Hair

    If you have black hair, you can go for subtle highlights. Warm brown tones will look good with you. For instance, you can go for Chestnut brown highlights. This shade will give your hair a rich look and will enhance your overall hair texture. For a low-maintenance and realistic look, opt for this shade.

    • Balayage Highlights with Black Hair

    Create an exquisite hair trend with Balayage highlights. When paired with your naturally black hair, this shade gives your dark tresses depth and dimension. Style your hair in subtle waves so that the balayage hair shade is clearly visible.

    • Blonde Highlights with Black Hair

    Do you also create a new hair trend wherever you go? Well, we got you covered! We recommend you to go for blonde highlights with black hair colour. These highlights provide you with a sun-kissed look and make your hair trendy. The blonde highlights add warmth and shine to your dark strands, thereby giving you a brightened complexion. Go for blonde-coloured money piece highlights.

    • Red Highlights with Black Hair

    Red highlights! Oh yes! Create a look that is full of fun, passion, and style. Red is a very beautiful shade that can enhance your entire look. This one shade is a must-try at least once. Why? For women with darker hair, a red tone pulls through the warm shade making your hair warmer. Red colour also maintains and elevates the texture of your hair. Although temporary, red shade completely changes your look and suits well with all skin tones.

    • Silver Highlights with Black Hair

    Splashes of silver on black hair look creative and exquisite. Silver highlights provide a deeper ashy tone and give your hair a smokey look. The silver highlights make your hair fun and dramatic. Jazz up your hair with an amazing texture using silver highlights. Create an unforgettable look!

    • Ash Blonde Highlights with Black Hair

    Nowadays, people are going for white hair colours. When your black hair colour is blended with Ash Blonde highlights, it gives your hair a smokey effect. Such a shade suits best with cool skin tones. Take suggestions from your hairstylist and use a UV protection hair colour. This will make your streaks last long.

    • Sandy Brown Highlights with Black Colour

    If you have black or dark brown as the base hair colour, then you can go with subtle highlights with warmer shades of brown. Sandy brown highlights enhance the natural look and texture of your hair. Your hair looks more beautiful when it is blended with subtle shades. Try this amazing shade that goes well with every skin tone and undertone.

    • Grey Highlights with Black Hair

    Some people who do not like the grey colour at all. They tend to cover their greys with black dye. Well, in such a case, we would suggest you to use Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour. It is a natural dye available in five shades. It colours your hair without damaging them.

    Now, without digressing, you can blend grey hair colour with your black hair. Apt for cool skin tones, grey hair shade gives you a matured, dreamy, and natural look. If you already have grey hair, embrace them and style it to get an effortlessly beautiful look.

    • Rose Gold Highlights with Black Hair

    Get a little feminine and flirty look with Rose Gold highlights! When blended with black hair, these highlights add dimension to your hair. It adds thickness and makes your hair look fuller. Ditch the common shades and try something fun with rose gold highlights. 

    1. Auburn Highlights with Black Hair

    The prettiest thing about warm highlights is that it complements your black hair to a great extent. Without much effort, warm shades completely change your look. Warm shades give you an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Auburn highlights is a simple way to create an amazing look with less effort and money.

    1. Burgundy Highlights with Black Hair

    Did we say fifty shades of red? Oh yes! We did! Dark burgundy highlights with black hair look absolutely stunning and give you an edgy look. The reddish hue in your hair creates an eye-catching look that provides an amazing finish to your hair. Your hair will look nourished and vibrant with this shade. Go for this shade now!

    So, these are some of the best highlighted shades that you can go for. Pairing these shades with black hair colour will give you a refreshed, subtle, and amazing look. In case you just want to cover your greys, you can use Godrej black hair colour. Infused with Amla and Shikakai, this natural dye nourishes your hair and minimizes hair colour damage. Try this natural dye for shiny and voluminous hair.       

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