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    Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist


    Dental implants are the best alternative to give you back your smile if you have lost a tooth or several of them. However, before undergoing the procedure, it is better to get all the details to make better decisions. Surgery is involved, and your dentist should make some things clear for you. Here are some of the most common questions for you to ask before undergoing implants;

    What are Dental-Implants?

    Dental implants are artificial teeth that resemble natural ones. They are a perfect replacement for a missing tooth or teeth affected by a dental problem or severe accident. When fixed, it is tough for someone to differentiate between the two. The implants can be either permanent or removable, depending on your choice. That is why your dentist has to be clear about them to select the one that suits you.

    Is it Harmless to Have The Implants?

    Since ancient times, dental implants have achieved a respectable history. With improved technology over time, then your guess is good as mine. These implants are very safe with a recommended success rate. Most fixtures used during the process are made of titanium, and they are fused with your jawbone safely. Titanium allergies are not typical, and in case you are sensitive to metals, there is metal-free zirconia as an alternative.

    What Are the Advantages of Dental-Implants?

    With a high recorded success rate, there are numerous benefits of having dental implants teeth replacement. I explain them below:

    Improved Speech: teeth significantly impact how you pronounce words while speaking. If you miss one or several, your Speech will be affected because you will mumble or slur words. These Implants resemble and function like natural teeth; hence you will not have any difficulties talking.

    Boosts Your Confidence: facial beauty and smile are complemented by your teeth. A gap in your mouth will reduce your self-esteem, and you will be avoiding people and your friends while talking. You don’t want them to realize it because you fear they will judge you. The implants will give you back your smile because they perfectly replace the left gap.

    Improved Appearance: Implants are made to look similar to natural teeth. Additionally, they are designed to fuse your jawbones permanently, and you do not have to worry because nobody can differentiate them.

    Enables You to Eat Comfortably: sliding dentures can make your beating process a nightmare and affect both oral and general health. The implants function like your natural teeth enabling you to comfortably eat the foods you like without triggering any pain.

    What Are the Cons of Having Dental-Implants?

    Although these implants have several benefits, they are not faster for replacing your teeth. You have to undergo some process and ensure that you are a perfect candidate. Surgery and grafting of bones are required, and the healing process will take you some time before you adjust. Additionally, these implants are the most expensive alternative to tooth replacement. Therefore, you have to be financially prepared for all the costs you will undergo to avoid running out of budget, which might inconvenience you.

    Am I a Qualified Candidate of Dental-Implants?

    Several people qualify for these implants except for children growing, and their jawbone has not fully developed. However, your oral surgeon must evaluate to confirm that you truly qualify. This is because you may have some underlying conditions that may bring many complications if you undergo the process.

    However, with the advanced dental implant technology, many people receive the implants even if they have existing health conditions. This is done with great care and follow-up appointments to prevent any risk.

    How Long Does It Take to Get Dental-Implants?

    The time involved to get the implants varies depending on each candidate. Some take much time while others are less, but your oral surgeon will develop the treatment schedule for you. Also, if you have other underlying health complications, it will take much time because you have to be monitored before getting the implants.

    With adequately fitted implants, you can regain back your smile and go back to your everyday life will continue. However, you should keenly choose dental professionals who have been approved for quality results.

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