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    Promising Results R466A & R410A in Air Conditioner


    Honeywell Distribution in Pakistan announced the development of the R466A last June and it receive a lot of attention around the world for the sale of Honeywell as Solstice N41. The new refrigerant meets the needs of non-flammable GWP alternatives. And previous R32 and R454B solutions with lower R410A are “slightly flammable”. A2L gases suitable for the separation of residential and small commercial units. However, it cannot be use for large capacity VRF systems. The 733R466A features a similar Global Warming Potential (GWP) to the A2L variant.

    Although the cooling center has not seen the test results. However, according to Honeywell Distribution in Pakistan, the efficiency, cooling, and thermal performance of an R466A-base VRF system is “very close” to the efficiency, cooling, and thermal performance of an R410A-base system. Life-cycle meteorological performance when combine with direct and indirect emissions shows that emissions from R466A use are 30% lower than those from R410A.


    “To meet Japan’s HFC removal requirements in support of Kigali’s reform. Toshiba is looking for the next generation of R410A alternatives. That is energy efficient and safe for our customers and the environment,” Toshiba Carrier said in a statement. I say.

    “After a promising preliminary performance test, we are excite to see if Solstice N41 can be a non-flammable and safe alternative to R410A, which could lead to Japan’s goals to reduce HFCs. We participate in a reliability test to process the newly develop refrigerants.”

    R466A combines 49% R32 and 11.5% R125 with CF3I flame retardants.


    Compressor manufacturer Bitzer describes the difference between the R410A and R466A. As “relatively small” from a thermodynamic point of view in a recent refrigerant report. Volumetric cooling, pressure level and discharge temperature are slightly higher. The flow rate of the coolant mass increase by 15-20%. The sieving temperature was also very low.

    This has become the next international standard for refrigerants,” said the Vice President and General Manager, Honeywell. What we have invent and achieve with Solstice N41 fluorine product could be a real breakthrough, as it provides the industry with a close solution that maintains safety levels throughout the value chain. While providing the above benefits. “

    The performance of R466A is similar to that of R410A

    So far, Honeywell is expect to reveal more about the new mixture call R466A by ASHRAE at this week.

    Honeywell’s June announcement of a low-GWP alternative, a non-flammable alternative to R410A, generate a lot of interest. Recently, HFCs have been phase out in Asia and around the world. High-GWP refrigerants such as R410A were under pressure, but R32 was used as a temporary replacement for R410A. Due to its flammability, it is not suitable for use in VRF systems.

    Despite the Honeywell secret, Cooling Post reveal that the new coolant is a mixture of R32 (49%), R125 (11.5%) and a CF3I fire extinguisher (also known as trifluorova). The refrigeration unit estimates the GWP capacity of about 733.

    At a presentation of Honeywell Distribution in Pakistan, Honeywell claims the Solstice N41 has the same performance and capacity, plus just 35% more GWP than the R410A.

    Solstice N41 outlet temperature is also lower than R32, close to R410A. And mass flow rate is close to R410A, so it is said that there is a similar pressure drop in HVAC Companies in Pakistan. This eliminates the possibility of high heat exchanger design costs.

    Honeywell Distribution in Pakistan claims that the Solstice N41 is available in the same size and design. As the compressors and heat exchangers, but there is still some speculation about what the “streamline” transition will be. The report states that an entirely new distillation unit will be require to operate on the existing system.

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