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    5 animated logo designing ideas


    5 animated logo designing ideas that will inspire your cake brand

    There are many shapes and styles of cake boxes. They can be slipcase boxes, gable boxes, sleeve boxes, pentagonal boxes, or other shapes. They also come with custom inserts or placeholders. Die-cut windows and handles can be added to them on demand. They may also come with multiple compartments to hold essential utensils and cakes. They are manufactured by using stronger and economical materials. They can also come with the printed details of the bakery. They can contain the logo and name of the bakery. Images and graphics to demonstrate cakes are also printed on these boxes. 

    Each business has to become different from others in all ways. The design of the logo also matters a lot, and each brand tries to design the best logo that can be outstanding. An animated logo can be the best idea for inspiring your cake boxes. Following are some design ideas for animated logos.

    Giant owl

    There is a different approach to rotation in this Giant owl logo. It includes circular forms that rotate like a film reel. After rotation, they blink like the eyes of an owl. This is the best benefit of the animated logo in that it has showcased practically the meaning of these circular forms. We will not be able to understand these shapes without their movement. The animated logo opens up the logo design concepts that cannot succeed with static art. For your printed cake boxes, you may choose some kind of logo according to the logo of a giant owl. You have to let the customers understand the meaning of your logo through animation. It will be the best way of impressing your customers.


    There is another animated logo of Openview. It includes a “big reveal,” and this is the thing that everyone loves. This is used in various magic acts, storytelling, narrative, game show prizes, and logo design. In this logo, the designer has used a reveal to expand the concept of “opening” in their logo for Openview. This logo begins with the “O” and “V” characters. After that, these characters spread apart to reveal the name of the full logo in between. In this way, the logo transit seamlessly between its shorthand version and the full form. You can also use this idea of logo design for your food boxes. It will help to increase their fascination. 

    Delfina foundation 

    Delfina foundation also created one of the best-animated logos. This is represented by a bold and modern type of monogram. The logo contains “D” and “F.” This logo reduces down to an underline. After that, there is nothing, and at the end, it completes the cycle by revealing “D” and “F” again. It can give a utilitarian feel, and it works very simply. This is also a great idea for designing an animated logo for your bakery. You can also choose the initials of the name of your bakery and create a logo in the same way. It will also inspire your bakery boxes. You can easily implement this idea to increase the worth of your business. 


    There is various other organization using an animated logo. Embla is one of those organizations. Embla used animation for visually articulating the procedure of painting the logo. This animation exaggerates the hand-drawn appearance of the logo. It shows the audience an artistic process. This is among the best ideas for designing an animated logo for your bakery. You can simply use the name of your bakery for visually articulating the process of painting it. It will look like a logo and help inspire your boxes for cakes.


    Everyone knows Google, and it uses a lot of animated logos. On different occasions, Google uses different types of animations. Google also relies on the animation to transform the word “Google” into a microphone, pulsating wavelength, bouncing dots, and a shorthand “G” logo. You can get an idea from these animations to make your bakery’s logo inspiring. These ideas can successfully inspire your custom boxes. These are some of the ideas of the animated logo design. You can have various ideas to implement and inspire your cake boxes. You can use any idea to create an animated logo for your bakery. There are many other ideas to design an animated logo that you can easily see from the internet or YouTube videos. 

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