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Women report after an abortion in Dubai Center.

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GB: “The sight of pregnant women became unbearable for me”

“I was aware even then that an abortion would kill my own child. But what should I do? I found no support with my parents, my parents saw no other way (back then), abortion was nothing serious for my girlfriend . In short: I didn’t have the strength to oppose this step. Patient share story at Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE

The abortion was terrible, a real horror. After the abortion, I was initially relieve. For a long time I suppress the thoughts of it and the guilty conscience. In the long run I couldn’t do this anymore.

The sight of pregnant women became unbearable for me. I avoid mothers with young children. Unfortunately I didn’t have any more children. To this day, I have not completely overcome abortion – even after around 27 years! I draw more and more strength from my belief in the mercy and love of God. Do not participate in an abortion! Never – even if the pressure is great and the consequences are gloss over. As a woman, you bear the consequences yourself, all your life! “

BL: “When I saw my finger-size child hanging by a thread, I had to cry”

“Keeping a child wasn’t an issue at all. Back then I live in a trance. Everything was consumption, self-realization. I want to be an independent woman. I had abortions twice from center Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE. With one of the children, I don’t even know who the father was. Accordingly, I was not interest in the consequences. For me, an abortion was a purely technical problem and not a matter of emotion.

However, I will never forget one incident. It was the moment when I got up from the hospital bed in great pain and saw my finger-size child hanging by a thread. I said to myself: this is really a person! A real person! After that I even cry. My world fell apart when I realize the consequences of my old life. Only my faith in Jesus Christ and his forgiveness could restore peace to my heart.”

GW: “Give your children a chance – even if they are disable.”

«I felt left alone. The problems start with the diagnosis that my child might be disable. The doctors at Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE advise me to have an abortion. Felt completely alone by my husband at the time. we hope in vain that he would tell me: “I love you. Also love our child now, regardless of whether it is born healthy or disable. “

The abortion at Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE was terrible, degrading for me. I felt like a head of cattle being carry to the slaughter. I was given a syringe and immediately my legs were attach to metal brackets with hideous straps. At least one could have wait until I went away with the anesthetic.

I had abdominal pain for years. Nightmares haunt me and I could barely see in the mirror. Again and again I had the feeling that my child was standing in front of me and saying to myself: “Why did you take my chance?”

I owe it to a fortunate circumstance that I finally receive help in coping with this trauma. As a pregnant woman in need, don’t let yourself be intimidate and give your child a chance. Thank you for that. There are organizations that help you and your child bureaucratically. “

NM: “You-kill-yours, you-kill-yours”

“The thought of breaking off is still very painful and full of guilt for me today. It is not true that with abortion all problems for the woman are over. On the contrary! It was awful!

After the abortion from Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE, the nurse came and pull bloody gauze out of me. By the meter! My stomach was full of this stuff. At home I was bleeding like crazy. Psychologically, too, I am a single wound. I couldn’t cope with the abortion at all! Again and again I have cruel dreams in which I look for my child, whom I kill. Eventually I have to dig it up somewhere and find it – rotten! Then when I wake up I always cry.

I recently had a new fireplace install. Then I found my child dead under the grate in a dream. It is horrible! When we were invite to a family with a baby a few weeks after the abortion, my heart tighten. It pound to the rhythm of you-kill-yours, you-kill-yours. That evening I long indescribably for a child of my own. 

C .: “In addition to rape, I took on the burden of abortion”

“The pressure to have an abortion is great. A woman who becomes pregnant as a result of rape is now expect to have an abortion. Any other possibility seems inconceivable and even pointless.

When I became pregnant after being rape, the pressure of today’s society was so great that I couldn’t resist. That was the mistake of my life. Those who advise abortion do not think about the future of rape women.

Today I discover that abortion was not a good decision: in addition to rape, I took on the burden of aborting my child. A rape woman should receive psychological and material help in order to be able to better accept the innocent child. In the long run it is less difficult to accept such a child than to live with the certainty of an abortion. To suggest an abortion to a rape and pregnant woman is to advise her on a solution that will increase her suffering. ” For more information about abortion visit us at Best abortion pills in Dubai.



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