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    5 Steps To Verify The Pre Employment Clearance


    It is needless to say that employers always prefer hardworking and dedicated candidates for vacant positions. But, it is also crucial to screen those candidates to ensure they are honest. It could be done only through employment verification. As an employer, you cannot issue the joining letter to an applicant until or unless you get the pre employment clearance. It is vital to verify the education, criminal background, previous employment, and health of the candidate. So, despite the requirements, you must get the help of a professional service provider to accomplish the process. This process will be accomplished through the following verification steps.

    Verification of identity

    It is the most crucial aspect to cover under employment screening to check that the candidate is genuine. As you know that identities could be stolen, so you would not want to recruit an applicant who is a fake. Therefore, the identity verification check will help you ensure that the person is using truthful identity credentials. With the help of professionals, you can make this identification check successful. They can check and verify the IDs of the candidate through different sources. The process will include verification for name, date of birth, address, social security number, and any fraudulent alerts.

    Criminal checks

    Would you appoint a person for a vacancy who has a criminal background? Probably No! So, it is vital to fetch the necessary background details of the applicant by using third-party sources. Criminal background check is a must if you are going to assign responsibility for a critical role in your organization. It could be related to finances, security, and child care, etc. However, all professional employers prefer criminal background checks as a mandated process of employment. The verification will include records of any arrest under federal, state, or county. You are checking for acquitted charges, felonies, warrants, and pending legal penalties, etc.

    Medical evaluation

    You would not want to offer the job to a person who is not medically fit, right? So, the need for a medical evaluation is vital to ensure that you are recruiting a healthy and fit candidate. It is a mandated step throughout the process of pre employment clearance. Apart from the nature of the job position, the medical examination is a mandate. It provides you the assurance that you will get good employee productivity for your company. You can consult with a professional medical clinic to get the accurate health verification report on your table. The experts will conduct tests for blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, lungs, and respiratory system. There are also some additional medical tests to be performed. You can also ask the supposed employee to undergo a covid test to ensure a safe working environment. Drug screening is also an important part of medical evaluation. It can be done by taking a urine or saliva test.

    Previous employment verification

    It might be due to personal choice when a person leaves a job in an organization. The chances are that someone is looking for better opportunities or wants to get a peaceful working environment. But, as an employer, it is crucial to consider previous employment checks. It will give you clarity about the past employment history of the candidate that might include different steps. For checking previous employment, the roles, tenures, and previous companies are validated. It is also a crucial aspect to conclude the reason for the candidate to leave past employment. It could be done by contacting each previous employer mentioned in the CV of the applicant. Verbal communication with the previous employer can confirm that the candidate has not been fired from the job. It is also necessary to check whether the employee has cleared all dues and settled all claims.

    Educational checks

    The last step is educational verification in the employment screening. It is vital to ensure that you are hiring a person who matches the education level that you want. It is mostly related to the posts like preschool teachers, professors, contractors, and plumbers, etc. Educational background is essential to ensure legal processes and public safety. So, you can verify the educational credentials of the candidate with the college or school. Some jobs also require specialized training that can also be verified with employment checks.

    The Bottom Line

    It is undoubtedly true that a bad hire could cost your company. So, getting pre employment clearance can save you really. These are the crucial steps that can help you make an informed decision for hiring a candidate. All these checks can be performed by reliable sources.

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