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    Polyamide nylon sutures are in high demand in the surgical world


    Polyamides have a long history of interest due to their variety, complex internal structures, commercial importance and versatility, and various chemistries of preparation and long-term use. 

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    In this post, we will look at the various types of sutures, as well as their uses and benefits.

    • Characteristics of Sutures

    Sutures come in a variety of materials, and they are classified according to the following characteristics:

    • Non-absorbable vs. absorbable
    • Natural vs. synthetic
    • Size of monofilament vs. multifilament

    The current review introduces these polymers before delving into the first of the aforementioned aspects, namely the polyamide variety. The entire family is presented here, conveniently classified according to the types and combinations of monomers from which they are constructed.

    • What are sutures in brief?

    Sutures are threads or wires that are used to close wounds or surgical incisions. Threading the material through a needle and stitching it through a wound Suturing is a common method of wound closure that has a higher tensile strength than surgical glues or staples.

    Sutures have existed in some form or another for thousands of years, and materials have ranged from animal hair to grass blades. Sutures are now simple to use, pose little risk of infection, and are specifically designed to withstand wound changes. 

    • What is a surgical gut? Why is it effective?

    Surgical gut is a natural suture material made from purified fibres extracted from healthy sheep or cow intestines. Surgical gut is available in both plain and chromic varieties.

    • How to know which sutures are best?

    Absorbable sutures degrade and are eliminated by the body through the special kind of enzymatic degradation or hydrolysis. Some absorbable sutures are designed to degrade quickly, whereas others are treated to prolong absorption time.

    Tensile strength is lost as absorbable sutures degrade. They are frequently used to temporarily close a wound until tissues heal adequately or in situations where sutures would be difficult to remove.

    Non-absorbable sutures are not intended to be broken down by the body and may need to be removed after an exterior wound heals. Non-absorbable sutures can remain in the tissue of the body. These sutures are used for long-term closures or tissues that heal slowly.

    • What are the uses of the different types of sutures?

    Sutures with a single thread are known as monofilament sutures. This type of suture moves smoothly through tissue and does not readily harbor microorganisms. 

    Multifilament sutures are made up of several threads that have been twisted or braided together. This type of suture provides excellent knot security, flexibility, and ease of handling. Multifilament sutures can be coated to easily pass through tissue.

    Polyamide nylon sutures manufacturer in Indiaalso manufacturers silk sutures are made from the fibre spun by silkworm larvae. Natural waxes and sericin gum are removed, and the material may be coated with silicone, oil, or wax. 


    Sutures made of silk can be braided or twisted. Although silk is thought to be non-absorbable, it is actually a slowly absorbing material that, after about two years, cannot be found in body tissue due to enzymatic degradation.

    The diameter of a suture is represented by its size, which follows a scale similar to negative and positive numbers. Zero is located in the centre of the scale. The numbers and sizes increase in size to the right of zero.

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