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    Marry Your Partner With Visa Subclass 300


    If you are a citizen of Australia and want to settle down with your overseas partner and start your journey to a new life, you must wonder how you can even make that possible. We have brought you the finest solutions ever so that you can easily bring your partner to Australia and start your new journey with ease and in a simplistic way. You need to undertake a simple method – you can readily sponsor or gift your partner for a Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300. That can easily lend them a temporary visa for nine months to travel to Australia within the stipulate time to marry. Read the entire article to get to know and understand everything before appealing to the immigration department of Australia for partner visa subclass 300.

    Things You Should Remember Before Applying for Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300

    You need to abide by certain ordinances set by the Government of Australia before applying for a visa subclass 300 for your partner. Defying might put you in immense trouble and can terminate you from further appealing for the same. Let us look into some of the key points you should keep in mind before proceeding.

    • You cannot apply for Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300 twice within five years. If, by any chance, you have applied for it within the last five years, there lies a chance where the Department of Immigration might not accept your sponsorship application.
    • You cannot be a holder of either the Subclass 143 visa or the Subclass 864 visa.
    • In the previous five years, you cannot be married to your partner in advance or be in any de facto relationship. If you cannot provide any compelling reason except any financial one regarding not applying previously, the immigration department might not accept your application if you appeal again.
    • You shall be cleared of any offence charged. Having registrable charges against your name might put down your application for sponsorship.
    • It would be best if you cleared your name off from any punishable offences like involving molestation, violence, harassment, breach of AVO, stalking or intimidation, smuggling, drug dealing, arms and weapons dealing, kidnapping, slavery, human trafficking, etc.

    How Do You Know You are Eligible for Marriage Visa Subclass 300?

    On different genuinely verified grounds, you can apply for a Marriage Visa Subclass 300. You need to fulfill some eligibility criteria, owing to which you can be guaranteed acceptance of your marriage visa subclass 300 application. Some of them are:

    • Since Visa Subclass 300 acts as a temporary visa and provides nine months of validity, you and your partner must genuinely plan to get married off within the speculated time so that your application gets accepted and you can provide your partner, visa subclass 300.
    • For validating your intentions to get married within nine months, you can always apply for NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage) with the Department of Birth, Death and Marriage in Australia. You can also provide a demonstration along with it as proof that you and your partner will live together after getting married off. You also need to provide documents to prove that both you and your partner do not have any legal prevention of marrying each other according to the laws of Australia. The person you are applying for the visa subclass 300 must not be a citizen of Australia when applying for the marriage visa and deciding to apply for it.
    • You and your fiancé must be above 18 years of age, the legal age to get married in Australia.

    Benefits of Marriage Visa Subclass 300

    Once the immigration department acknowledges your application and grants a visa subclass 300 for your partner, then you can get a list of benefits. They are:

    • Your partner or fiancé can work in Australia soon after being granted subclass 300 without any work rights obligation.
    • They can also travel to and enter Australia even before getting married to you.
    • Can study in Australia; however, there will be no funding for education by the Australian government.
    • They can enter and leave Australia as many times as they want within nine months if the visa is valid.
    • Your partner will become eligible to apply for partner visa subclass 820 once you both get married off within the speculated time.

    Things to Do Before Filling in Application for Marriage Visa SUbclass 300

    • Make sure your partner has tested their health for Hepatitis B, tuberculosis and other ailments, and have all their health reports ready before you file in for an application.
    • It would help if you settled your mind whether you can manage to file in for an application all by yourself or you require a migration agent Perth is home to the leading migration agencies and agents who will guide you through the entire procedure—after that, reducing the factors of errors and omissions in the application.

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    Documents Required for Applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300

    You need to provide the department of immigration of Australia with various documents of your partner so that they can be legal to stay and travel to and fro Australia for nine months. The documents you need to keep handy and in this order as mentioned below, before filling out the application are:

    • Identity Proof: You need to provide your partner’s Passport or a National Identity Card (if any) as proof of their identity.
    • Relationship Proof: In Form No 888, two relatives or people you know must give statutory declarations or confirmation of knowing you and your partner’s relationship.
    • Additional Relationship Proof: You need to provide a written declaration stating the history of your relationship with your partner, beginning from how you met to why you intend to marry each other.
    • Former Relationship Proof: Whether your partner was in a de facto or marital relationship in the past, your partner must provide a formal statement in the document that states they have been separated for good and no longer have any connections or intentions of getting back.
    • Character Proof: Whether your partner was in a de facto or marital relationship in the past, your partner must provide a formal statement in the document that states they have been separated for good and no longer have any connections or intentions of getting back.
    • Character Proof: Your would-be spouse must provide a character certificate or take a character assessment test by filling up form no. 80
    • Proof of Dependents Under 18: Dependents under 18 are consenting your marriage to your partner must be written in proof.

      Even if the points mentioned earlier are not bringing you enough confidence to sponsor a Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300. You might find the necessity to take the advice of a Migration Consultant Perth.

    To Conclude

    No matter which country your partner belongs to if you are head over heels and want to settle down in life by marrying your overseas partner. You can follow some common guidelines that you need to follow while applying for the Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300. By remaining true to yourself and your fiancé, you shall provide all the truthful information on clear grounds so that your application get accept at the earliest and the Australian Government grants a temporary visa that is valid up to 9 months from the date of issue for your partner. If you are facing troubles any further, you can always avail the privilege of consulting with an Immigration Agent Perth.

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