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    Official Volleyball Court Sizes and Net Height


    Of course, you all know with this great volleyball game. or you play often Volleyball is usually played in teams. Each team has 6 people. The most important way in a volleyball game is to use its hands when each team tries to place the ball on the court within the line of the player area to earn points.

    One of the buildings and structures used in volleyball is a stadium. Do you know the size of the court in volleyball? There are still many people who do not know the size of true volleyball, even though they usually play it. This article aims to increase your understanding of the size of a volleyball court. Immediately consider the following analysis.

    The Size Of The Volleyball Court

    In UFABET เว็บตรง, volleyball is a popular and popular sport. Thus, it is not surprising that there are volleyball tournaments running from home to another country. In fact, there is a National Volleyball Association known as PBVSI (All Indonesia Volleyball Association).

    As we all know, every football game needs a stadium to make competitions like volleyball. The courts used in volleyball have a level you need to know. The standard size is obtained by thinking of the parties to form a validated agreement. Usually, the standard size of a volleyball court according to national regulations is only 1/5 the size of a football field. Yes, this measure is used by all countries to build volleyball courts, even if some people do not follow them.

    Volleyball courts are usually 18 × 9 meters, which is a national or international standard. To help you understand the size of a volleyball court let’s look at the following pictures of a volleyball court. To evaluate the dimensions of the volleyball board, we will describe them below;

    • The width of the volleyball is 9 meters.
    • Volleyball Attack Attack Width (Front Zone) Mera 3 meters
    • There is a three-minute volleyball field.
    • The cleaning area has two sections, the back measuring 3-6.5 meters, while the sides measuring 3-5 meters.
    • The big picture on the volleyball court for 5 seconds.
    • The total area of ​​the village is 162 meters (18 m x 9 m).
    • The volleyball teams used in international competitions look very different every day. Volleyball boards are made of wood or materials. On lines in fields, white should be used. Meanwhile, in popular volleyball games, the color of the lines on the court is not paid.

    Volleyball Size

    As explained above, the main thing about volleyball is the use of the hand (handball). Later, volleyball is played between two sides of the court. Therefore, another court feature that is less important is the size of the nets used in volleyball games. The nets in volleyball act as a barrier, which is centered to divide the space between the two teams that play the game.

    It cannot perform net size negligently because there are already standard sizes accepted by the world. The size of volleyball games played by both men and women is different, so both require pre-defined rules. The men’s volleyball height is 2.43 meters while the height of the volleyball net played by women’s teams is 2.24 meters.

    For more information, see the pictures and descriptions below;

    • The size of the volleyball net differs between the volleyball net used by the men’s teams and the volleyball used by the women’s teams. The net volleyball net for the men’s team is 2.43 meters while the volleyball net for the women’s team is 2.24 meters.
    • The height of the volleyball net is equal to the width of the volleyball field which is nine meters high.
    • The width of the volleyball net is 1 meter.
    • Antennas on a volleyball net 80 cm high above the net.
    • The height of the volleyball nets is 2.55 meters.
    • The distance between the volleyball net and the edge of the volleyball net is about 0.5 – 1 meter.
    • The upper edge of the volleyball net is 5 centimeters (cm) long and about 1 meter long.
    • The edge of the tape facing the volleyball net is 5 centimeters (cm), 1 meter long.
    • The size of the volleyball net is up to 10 centimeters (cm) and is recommended for square shapes.

    So the in-depth article on the size of the court and the size of the volleyball net is full of pictures, all you need to keep in mind is that the venue for the volleyball court should be flat or horizontal. In this way, there is a small risk that a player will fall during a match or cause an injury during an outdoor volleyball game. We hope this article has been helpful to you in terms of assisting you with work or increasing your understanding of volleyball court size volleyball and size net pictures volleyball.

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