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    Most Famous Places to Visit in Belgium This Year


    Belgium is the place wherever you’ll notice all of those in abundance. It was one of the primary nations that has the perfect method of beer-brewing. At present, they have over 1000 breweries everywhere in the country. These breweries are among the most amazing places to go in Belgium for a good majority of travelers. 

    If you’re a history buff who has a keen interest in historical buildings and sites, then there are plenty of places to go in Belgium. Since there’s plenty to see and do, plan your Belgium trip on the premise of your interest and time in hand. Get packed, book united airlines reservations in any class and save up to 45% off on every flight till the last minute. To help you out here’s the recommendations of favorite places by travelers:


    The capital city of Belgium, Brussels is actively hosting plenty of travelers once a year. In fact, it has a plethora of places to keep you pleased and engaged for days. From museums to chapels to expansive mansions, there are plenty of attention-grabbing places that have made Brussels one of the most interesting cities to go to in Belgium. 


    There are plenty of places to see in Belgium. However, Bruges is a town that’s not to be missed throughout your Belgium trip. The key attractions of this city include the open-air market, canals, Holy Saviour, Belfry Tower, and also glorious cathedrals. A traveler’s delight, I tell you!

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    A little, beautiful, and serene beach municipality named as Knokke-Heist. If you’re searching for a beach stay to relax and enjoy the weather, then this can be one of the most exciting Belgium beaches. With the exception of the serenity and water sports within the town, you can also spend your time taking a tour in the Freedom Museum that is describing the 2nd world war in the best possible manner.


    It is an indisputable fact that Belgium has a lot of mesmeric places. However, once we talk about cities that leave the travelers hypnotized with its sheer beauty, Ghent is that first name that comes to mind. Urban legends say that this town involves life throughout July once it hosts the biggest outdoor cultural festival in Europe that is known as the ‘Gentse Feesten’.


    The well-known place is filled with cafes, shops, and well-crafted churches. Rochefort is one of the most exciting places to visit in Belgium. One of the gems of Belgium is locked away in Rochefort that is the cave system that allows you to explore the town in an easy manner. Apart from this, stroll around the streets to witness the beauty and warmth that Rochefort offers.


    The second-largest city in Belgium is Antwerp. The town is known for its art collection, museums, shopping locations, and also the variety of food as well as beer. This can be a place that shopaholics dream of. At a similar time, you’ll also explore the art exhibits here; visit the Royal fine art museum to see some beautiful artifacts from the ancient era.

    In the Nutshell

    I hope our recommendations for the cities to go to in Belgium are handy when planning your trip. Belgium is the dream of many travelers. Don’t think much and book your trip to Belgium with AirlinesMap right away. Go and create some travel memories and let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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