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    Meme Faces – A Fun Way to Express Yourself


    Meme faces are a fun way to express yourself. No matter your age or experience, you can easily find a face you identify with. You can share it with others or simply use it yourself. Just remember to be cautious. Otherwise, you may end up looking like an obnoxious jerk.

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    ‘Rage Guy’

    The Rage Guy is a character who is often enraged over a petty little nuisance. This can be anything from having to use the restroom to getting pulled over by a cop. His facial expressions often convey a mixture of rage and sexiness. He has a lot of facial hair, which is considered feminine.

    Memes and other gimmicks have long been used in the rage comic world. There are many popular ones, but some of the more noteworthy ones include Cover Yourself in Oil, which was created by the public, and Wojak, which uses derivative copies of MS Paint face illustrations.

    Rage comics can be found all over the Internet. They are often poorly drawn, with crude humor and no resemblance to the originals. However, they have a following and can be found in everything from advertisements to television shows.

    Read More: Meme Faces

    Rage comics were at their heyday in the early 2010s, and hundreds were being uploaded to the Internet daily. Though they are now largely dead, some of the characters are still in common use. One of the most famous, Puking Rainbows Guy, started off as a reaction to gushy things in the internet. It later turned into a contest, and evolved into a full-fledged art piece.


    Wojak is a character that has been around the Internet for a long time. He is a bald, wistful, blank looking man that is used in a variety of ways. In his early days, he was portrayed as a platonic romantic in the memescape. Nowadays, he is associated with male grief.

    The first known Wojak picture was posted by Christian Grodecki, who was a Polish user of Krautchan. Later, he was reimagined as a non-playable character.

    A new version of the Wojak meme came into prominence with the release of the video game ‘Poo Poo Pee Pee’. The character of Wojak was then recycled into three different roles: Wojack, Boomer, and Doomer.

    During his early days, Wojak was paired with a frog called Pepe in comics. These comics depicted Pepe committing unethical acts against Wojak.

    Today, Wojak has been co-opted by many positive groups. Wojak is considered one of the most popular Internet memes. However, it has not yet become the “meme of the decade”. This is not surprising.


    Lol is one of the most popular slang terms in electronic communication. The word is often used to indicate laughter or amusement. It can also be used as an interjection. As such, there are many Lol Meme Faces available to use online. These faces are ideal for sending a smile to a friend or loved one. They are easy to download and can be easily shared with others.

    Lol Guy is a rage comic character that has gained popularity on the internet. His face is cat-like and he can be seen in many rage comics. This character has influenced other memes, such as Derpina and Trollface. There are several versions of the Lol guy, each with a different face.

    Lol Guy is also the title of a ring listed by Madeleine Fair Juul on November 4. Previously, Lol Guy was a Facebook page. In the six months it was active, the page accumulated 900 likes. That’s great news for fans of the Lol guy.

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