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    Maintaining Your Custom Outdoor Flags


    Advertising flags are incredible statement makers. They help small brands capture the attention of large crowds at tradeshows. Placing well-designed marketing flags outside stores is also a great way of attracting customers. The vivid colors and simple designs of custom flags always create lasting impressions on target audiences.

    However, outdoor flags also pick up a lot of damage when they’re left outside for long periods. From air pollution to UV sun rays to rainfall – these outdoor products constantly face external threats. Thankfully, with the right upkeep, business owners can keep their custom-printed marketing flags in pristine condition for long periods.

    How can flag owners clean and maintain their advertising flags? Let’s answer the top six FAQs on this topic.

    1. Which Flag Material is the Easiest to Clean?

    Paper and cotton flags will not stand the test of time. These flags don’t last long in windy areas. They’re designed to last for one to three years. So, business owners are better off investing in marketing flags made of durable synthetic materials. Synthetic materials like polyester or vinyl are weather-resistant. They’re also easier to clean because –

    • Synthetic fabrics don’t fold or pick up wrinkles when they’re in storage.
    • Marketing flags made of durable synthetic materials are lightweight and washable in washing machines.
    • Unlike paper, marketing flags made of durable synthetic materials don’t crack or peel due to long periods of sun exposure.
    • The best sellers of marketing flags made of durable synthetic materials use the dye-sublimation printing technique. These prints last very long on synthetic fabrics. They don’t fade due to washing.

    The appeal of your marketing flags made of durable synthetic materials can be accentuated with matte, gloss, and other finishes.

    2. How Long Should My Outdoor Flag Last? 

    The life expectancy of your marketing flags will depend on two factors –

    • The material of the flag
    • The climatic conditions

    Marketing flags made of durable synthetic materials perform well in all weather conditions. With proper upkeep, you can expect these flags to last for at least five to eight years. But, that doesn’t mean users should leave their flags out for years at a stretch. Use them periodically.

    3. How to Deal with Wind Damage?

    In recent years, several thunderstorms have affected different parts of the country in the early spring and early winter months. To avoid excessive wind damage, take down your marketing flags when winds exceed the speed of 31 mph. Take your flags down whenever there’s heavy rain.

    4. How to Store My Marketing Flags?

    Store your marketing flags in dry, ventilated places when not in use. Don’t fold them into tight corners. Also, allow your flags to fully dry first before storing them.

    5. How to Clean My Marketing Flags?

    Dye-sublimated flags can be laundered as delicate clothing items. Use cool water and mild detergents (gentle soaps) to launder your marketing flags. Place them on a gentle cycle. Flags that don’t fit inside the washing machine should be washed by hand and dried on clotheslines.

    6. When Should I Clean My Marketing Flags?

    If your marketing flags are exposed outdoors for long periods, wash them at least once every two months. Use this guide to ensure sun exposure, wind damage, or moisture damage don’t alter the appearances of your marketing flags.

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