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    Kaylee Ramman is Engaged to Footballer Nathan Ake


    The Dutch model and fashion designer Kaylee Ramman is engaged to footballer Nathan Ake. The couple have been dating since they were teenagers. They met while playing for Chelsea’s youth team. They made their relationship public on 27 February 2011, and they announced their engagement on August 3, 2020. However, the pair have not spoken publicly about the details of their relationship. They have not disclosed the identity of their future spouse.

    Kaylee Ramman is a famous blogger, traveler, and designer who works in a manufacturing unit of sustainable swimwear. The brand makes the products from oceanic plastic, which is often found on beaches. Her recent achievements in fashion and blogging have brought her global recognition. She also recently got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Nathan Ake. The couple is currently awaiting their wedding date, and they’re planning to have a baby together.

    Born in Hague, Netherlands, Kaylee Ramman is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She has an online fashion blog, a successful jewelry line, and a successful jeweler’s business. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million. Her passion for traveling and her love for design have earned her the attention of the media. It’s not surprising that she would want to work as a fashion designer, which will allow her to travel the world for free.

    The Dutch native was born on 27 December 1994, in The Hague, Netherlands. She has a degree in Business Administration from the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. Her parents are Arjen and Marjo Ramman, and she grew up with her older sister Christiana. She is of Dutch ethnicity, and she practices the Christian religion. Although she has a talented eye for fashion, her family’s financial background makes her the perfect candidate for a fashion design job.

    The popular Dutch blogger Kaylee Ramman is a fashion designer, and she has over eleven thousand Instagram followers. She posts pictures of herself in bikinis and vacations, and is an avid traveler. She has a graduate degree in business, and she also works as a jewelry designer. And her boyfriend, Nathan Ake, is a lucky guy. If you want to get close to the famous model, you can follow him on Instagram.

    Ramman is the daughter of Arjen and Marjo Ramman. She is a professional footballer and a social media influencer. She was born on December 27 1994, and her parents met while she was nine. She is a year older than her husband, but she is already a mother. It is her career that makes her stand out. The talented fashion designer has achieved a lot, and she is working in a field that she loves – namely, fashion.

    The model, Nathan Ake, and model Kaylee Ramman have been dating since 2011. They announced their relationship on Instagram last year, and they are engaged to be married in August 2020. Their first child, a daughter named Zoe, is a Capricorn. As a result, she is energetic, goal-oriented, and practical. Her career is based in fashion, and she has a keen interest in sports.

    Raised in the Netherlands, Kaylee Ramman completed her primary and secondary schooling in The Hague. She also attended the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, which allowed her to pursue her passion for fashion. She has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars, and she is also a successful model with a lucrative career. For her part, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and hanging out with her friends. And it turns out that the most important part of her life is her love for Nathan.

    Originally from the Netherlands, Kaylee grew up in The Hague, where she studied at the International School of The Hague. Her parents are both professional lawyers, and she grew up with an elder sister. Her family is a close-knit group and a good example of a strong community is a small-town town. During her childhood, she attended the Amsterdam Fashion Academy and the International School of The Hague, where she developed a love for fashion and design.

    After a long and happy relationship, Kaylee Ramman and Nathan Ake have become engaged. The two have been together since 2011, and they have shared their plans on social media. They currently live in England and will be relocating to Manchester in 2020. Their relationship has been a good one, and they will be married soon. Kathryn explains that her love for the Dutch soccer player is a strong one.

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