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    Jars of Fears – A Visual Way to Measure Pupil’s Fear Levels and Identify Coping Strategies to Overcome It


    The Jars of Fears are a visual way to measure pupil’s fear levels and identify the coping strategies to overcome it. These sheets can be used to create many different jars for different phobias. The pupils can choose to have one jar for each phobia or a combination of jars. Each sheet can be labelled with the phobia’s name. If the phobia is not well known, teachers can watch a short video to find out more about it.

    A visual way of assessing a pupil’s fears, Jars of Fears are great for early intervention. Once a student has listed their biggest fear, coping strategies can be taught. There are many different types of jars to choose from. Some contain only one fear, while others have many. Teachers can use different coloured sheets to address different types of phobias. There are also many videos and resources available to help them find the perfect Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods for their class.

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