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    What You Should Know About Janitorial Services


    Whether you are looking for a professional janitorial service or a home cleaning service, there are some things to consider before you hire someone. This article provides information on the various types of services, what they are responsible for, how much they cost, and the experience level you should look for in a cleaning service.

    Experience level required

    Those who want to apply for a janitorial job should be aware of what they’re getting into. A good janitor has a lot of responsibilities, including making sure that the facility is clean and safe. They also perform maintenance tasks such as sweeping, refinishing floors and removing carpet. They may also be responsible for cleaning bathrooms and break rooms.

    A janitor should wear protective gear while cleaning restrooms, as there are potentially hazardous chemicals in use. In addition, a janitor must be adept at using mops, leaf blowers and commercial vacuum cleaners. They should also have an extensive knowledge of cleaning agents, cleaning equipment and a variety of tools.

    In addition to the usual cleaning duties, a janitorial services might also be responsible for maintaining an inventory of supplies, ensuring that the restrooms are free of stains and disinfecting surfaces. They should also be able to remove trash cans and empty recycling bins.

    The best janitor is a detail oriented professional who has a knack for spotting and correcting problems. They’re also capable of coordinating the work of a team of workers.

    Job responsibilities

    Typical janitorial duties include cleaning and maintaining buildings, including cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and restrooms. They may also have the responsibility of cleaning floors and vacuuming. They may also perform minor repairs, such as replacing light bulbs and water pumps.

    Often, janitors need to be physically capable, as they have to lift heavy objects. They are responsible for keeping supplies in good condition, and must be familiar with safety protocols. They also have to be able to use proper procedures and equipment when handling cleaning chemicals.

    Janitors work at commercial locations, such as office buildings, schools, and hospitals. Some may work overnight or weekends. They are often expected to communicate with property owners, trash collectors, and other staff members.

    Most employers provide on-the-job training for janitors. This on-the-job training teaches the proper use of chemicals and other materials. It also teaches how to handle waste properly. They are also taught to fill out maintenance reports.


    Keeping your commercial property in tip top shape is an important undertaking. Whether you run a small family office or manage an entire building, it’s important to get the job done right. This can be accomplished by hiring the services of a professional cleaning company.

    The cost of commercial cleaning services can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Depending on the size of your office, you might be charged for a single visit or a set number of visits. For larger offices, you might be charged a fixed monthly fee or an annual retainer. Depending on the level of cleaning required, you might be able to schedule your cleaning service for an after-hours appointment.

    The cost of janitorial services is largely determined by the level of maintenance your property requires. For instance, a clean and orderly office can improve employee performance and make your business more attractive to prospective clients.

    Commercial vs residential cleaning

    Whether you are thinking about starting your own cleaning business or you already have a cleaning service, there are some important differences between residential and commercial cleaning. You should understand these differences before hiring a cleaning service.

    Residential cleaning is done in a customer’s home, usually during the day. It involves mopping and vacuuming. It also includes polishing mirrors and fixtures, dusting, sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, and removing stains and grime. It is more detailed than commercial cleaning.

    Commercial cleaning is done in larger business establishments. It consists of cleaning a building after the occupants have left the premises. It also includes sanitizing railings, door handles, phone handles, and other items that may come in contact with the occupants. It usually involves more robust equipment, such as industrial vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and other powerful pieces of equipment.

    Commercial cleaners are trained to a higher degree, and are versed in health and safety guidelines. They also use the latest technology. They are usually under a contract that has agreed terms and payment.

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