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    Is an ITIL certification worth it? Know Here


    ITIL is a management software designed to make IT services viable and in line with business operations. Implementation, integration, and configuration of the ITIL Framework allow organizations to improve productivity. Incorporating the ITIL Framework in business structures also provides better outcomes and enhances customer service. For years, the ITIL Certification has served as the industry-standard best practice framework. It is very effective for supporting, managing, and aligning IT Service Management. With business demands. ITIL is a governing agent for IT that employs the ITIL Service Lifecycle. Therefore, The ITIL Service Lifecycle describes the complete process from customers’ requirements through continuous service improvement. 

    Axelos certification is involved in all aspects of the ITIL framework’s management, including:

    • Updates to the ITIL framework; 
    • Licensing third-party suppliers of ITIL examinations; and 
    • Providing accreditation to third-party providers of ITIL assessments.

    The ITIL intermediate certification modules are intended to generate ITIL experts in areas such as:

    • OSA is an acronym for Occupational Safety and Health (operational support & analysis)
    • PPO (planning, protection, and optimization)
    • RCV (release, control, and validation)
    • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) (service offerings and agreements)
    • ITIL service management
    • Transitioning to ITIL

    ITIL certification levels

    There are five levels of V3 ITIL certification, namely:

    1. Foundation 
    2. Practitioner
    3. Intermediate
    4. Expert
    5. Master

    Here, Each level has its own set of conditions for appearing, clearing, and receiving credits. Aside from these, there are additional qualifications that can help you advance to the expert level quickly. 

    ITIL V4

    ITIL Foundation Course

    The ITIL V4 replaces the ITIL V3 foundation course in the ITIL certification program. The newly redesigned V4 foundation certification discusses the Lean, Agile, and DevOps concepts. ITIL-specific content such as the seven guiding principles and four aspects of ITIL-Based Service Management is also included.

    Managing Professional for V4

    Following the release of V4, Axelos courses have introduced a new certification called V4 Managing Professional. Completing the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Module will enable ITIL experts with ITIL expert certification to obtain this designation.

    Strategic Leader for ITIL V4.

    IT experts on earning the V4 Strategic Leader certification better understand how technology affects and drives business strategy. This certification serves as proof of their knowledge and comprehension of the above subject.

    ITIL V4 Master

    The master requirements for ITIL 4 have yet to be issued. Axelos intends to disclose further information about the new certification shortly.

    Advantages of the ITIL certification

    An ITIL certification validates that professionals possess the knowledge needed to design and manage successful IT service delivery organizations. Therefore, it can help you advance your career further on a global scale. By earning an ITIL course online, you are creating better opportunities for yourself. 

    Higher pay scale

    In the absence of on-site training options, it is worthwhile to invest in an ITIL v3 certification on your own time. You’ll not only be enhancing your resume, but you’ll also be in line for more lucrative career chances. 

    Sought after credential

    Companies are actively looking for individuals who can assist them in implementing the best ITSM practices in their businesses. An ITIL certification verifies your knowledge of demand transformation and service management best practices. For employment opportunities, more than 70% of employers require suitable certifications.

    Alignment with International IT Service Management Standards Compatibility

    ITIL-certified professionals can work in a variety of organizations and industries. The ITIL framework’s international presence and compatibility with global trends include those in other nations. Hence, thousands of businesses globally have adopted the ITIL framework and committed to ITIL software to support their operations.

    Add value to your company.

    The ITIL certification course enhances your competence and productivity to build better relationships with customers within the organization too. ITIL expertise and Axelos training aid in the cost-effectiveness of processes by maximizing the utilization of available resources. The holistic strategy to improve ROI while keeping risk considerations in mind aids the firm in achieving long-term success.


    When it comes to the IT field, ITIL is considered a low-risk certification. Its Experts would tell you that ignoring it would be a tremendous mistake as certified ITIL specialists are in great demand. So, An ITIL V3 certification at any of the higher levels will stay in demand as the job market is steady.

    In conclusion, There are numerous benefits to completing any of the five ITIL foundation mastery courses. With plenty to learn on the job, having a head start on the foundations, terminology, tactics, and lifecycle stages helps. It will help you get selected for the job role you want. Visit the AXELOS website to discover more about ITIL v3 certification training.

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