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Is air quality related to Asthma?

Is air quality related to Asthma

Do you realize that over 23 million people are affected by Asthma? It’s a serious chronic respiratory illness that negatively impacts their lives? Numerous studies have connected Asthma to air pollution since these harmful pollutants can trigger symptoms, resulting in asthma attacks. The air we breathe is full of microscopic particles, which could be absorbed into the lung tissues, damaging them and worsening lung ailments. The delicate airways are susceptible to irritation by microscopic particles, resulting in asthmatic symptoms. You can use Iverheal 6 or Iverheal 12 medicine to get rid of your disease called asthma.

What happens when you have Asthma?

Exposure to air pollution is a major risk aspect for those with Asthma that runs in their family or are already diagnosed. Air pollution can be harmful to people who have Asthma. However, some sufferers are more susceptible and can be negatively affected even with low or moderate.

  • Young adults and children with Asthma have higher breathing rates while their lungs develop.
  • Asthmatics also suffer from other long-term issues, like COPD and heart diseases.
  • When combined with pollution, Pollen could increase the likelihood that you will suffer from symptoms of allergy-like hay fever.
  • Patients who have severe Asthma or an asthma condition that is difficult to manage.

While our air quality is similar, the method of triggering every person is unique. Although it isn’t likely to affect some people at all, some may experience symptoms that cause them to struggle with the consequences. In addition, how the weather is like could affect the amount of pollution within the atmosphere.

For instance:

  • When the weather isn’t settling or windy, the pollution levels tend to be very low.
  • If you’re allergic to Pollen, as well as Asthma, Pollen can cause more harm to you on a sunny, quiet day.
  • If you are also suffering from symptoms caused by cold weather and pollution, you could be affected more by the effects of pollution during a cold, dry foggy day.

Other causes of lung problems

Also, open fires or wood-burning stoves pollute the air, and so do barbecues, bonfires, smoking from barbecues, and bonfires. Smoke could be a source of concern for people who have Asthma as it may cause irritation to their airways and trigger asthma-related symptoms. If smoke is bothering you, it is possible to close doors and windows to reduce the smoke entering.

If you experience asthma-related symptoms, be sure to have your inhaler for relief available.

Find out how your local government can resolve the issue. Contact them if there is a persistent problem. Children and adults alike can have Asthma because of excessive levels of pollution from the air. Children living in an area highly polluted is at a higher risk. If you’re expecting during this time, regardless of whether or not you have Asthma, your child is more likely to develop Asthma.

How can you assist your child if they have Asthma?

  • Schedule outdoor activities in the early hours of the day – where air quality is generally optimal. Avoid areas with a lot of traffic if you find that the air quality is low. Use the air conditioner during days when the quality of air is low. Ensure your child is not spending too much time outdoors and then turn on the AC.
  • Furthermore, you need to increase the quality of air inside your home. You can do it by using an air purifier, venting gas appliances to the outside, and avoiding wood fires.
  • It is possible to include this as an element of the asthma management plan by speaking with your doctor about increasing medication in times of increased pollution from the air.
  • Consume¬†ayurvedic medicines to improve the health of your respiratory system.

We hope this article helps to keep your lungs in top shape!



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