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    The way we communicate has changed. If the content is clickable, pointy, expressive and funny users will continue. Movies are no exception. Smart marketers know this and have adapted their video content to shorter attention spans. Adding interactivity to your videos brings them to life, makes them more memorable, and makes people pay more attention for longer. Explore the different types of interactive post videos in this blog article.

    What is an interactive post video?

    As with all interactive post content, interactive post videos engage users through questions, clickable tags, and / or hotspots that determine how the video ends. While the user is passively watching traditional videos, interactive post video integrates the user with the story and allows him to participate in the creation of the story.

    When the viewer joins the video via tags and hotspots by answering questions or choosing what happens next. This makes the whole movie more interesting to him. This way, he will be more engaged and will be more likely to watch the entire movie.

    What kind of interactive post video is best for you?

    There are several types of interactive post movies. Purchasable videos, branched video, interactive post video quiz and video quiz are available. It may seem daunting at first, but if you follow the guide below you’ll become an expert in interactive post video. You’ll even find out which types of interactive post videos best suit your needs.

    Moreover, when creating interactive post video, there is no need to create new video content. It is possible to use any promotional video available on YouTube or Vimeo. All you need to do is add an interaction layer to it in Yes, creating interactive post content in 2022 is easy!

    Video shopping

    Purchase able video is also known as “touch movie” or “clickable movie.” This is a video that allows viewers to click on products to learn more and make a purchase in the company’s online store.

    By integrating with your e-commerce solution, you can even let potential customers add products to their cart. You can do this directly from the video experience.

    By adding hotspots for each product in your video, you allow viewers to instantly watch, click and buy products that stand out. With one click you can present information such as price, size, type of your products. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

    In other words, with a movie you can buy, you can turn any movie into a sales generator and increase sales directly from your movies!

    Industry video

    Unlike traditional linear video playback with start, middle and end point, branched video is non-linear. It can have many different stories depending on the choices made by the viewer.

    In other words, branched video is a digital experience where the viewer has an influence on what happens in the movie.

    Branched videos are a great way to engage your audience. The user is prompted to answer questions or take further action. It is much more immersed in the interactive post video experience.

    Branched films also open up new possibilities. Virtual consultations can be used for virtual treasure hunts or to introduce your company to new employees.

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