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    Importance given in Fleet Inspection


    Fleet Inspection is a process through which you can find and fix the problems of your vehicles. The advantage of Fleet Inspection is that you can find and fix any major problems in your vehicles before they happen. Fleet Inspection comes under preventive maintenance.

    It is used by all the vehicle owners in today’s time to pay more attention to the safety and maintenance of their vehicles. If interested Download Fleet Inspection Checklist now.

    What are the importance given in Fleet Inspection?

    In Fleet Inspection, the first attention is given to diagnosing and fixing the problems with the vehicles, this allows you to reduce the maintenance and cost of the vehicles, it takes care of the following things, such as –

    Avoiding Expensive and Unexpected Repairs

    Fleet Inspection saves you from the costly and unexpected repairs of vehicles, because when you do a Fleet Inspection of your vehicles, you get to know the small problem in advance, so that the problem does not become big.

    The Protection:

    Fleet Inspection provides you with security apart from cost and downtime savings. These inspections help ensure that your vehicle is safe not only for your company, but also for its drivers.

    Saves From Fine

    Regular Fleet Inspection can also help you reduce the cost of possible fines at roadside checkpoints. If all the parts involved in it work equally, then you do not have to pay any kind of fine on the road for this. This has the potential to reduce your company’s liability.

    Avoiding Accidents and Negligence

    As long as you do regular Fleet Inspection of your vehicles, then it does not get spoiled, it helps you to save your vehicles from accident. In case of negligence in vehicles, there can be heavy consequences, which Fleet Inspection protects you from all these.

    Help extend the life of the vehicle

    Regular inspections can increase the expected life span of the vehicles in your fleet, as it does not cause any major problems with your vehicles, thereby increasing the life of the vehicles.

    When is Fleet Inspection Done?

    Vehicle inspection needs to be done regularly, but in some special cases, you can do it according to the time mentioned below. The frequency with which you need to conduct inspections also depends on your fleet usage and your city’s legal compliance. When is Fleet Inspection necessary?

    Daily/before Trip

    Fleet Inspection is required to be done whenever you want to take the vehicles on daily journey. This type of inspection reveals the safety and normal operation of the vehicle, such as its lights, hazard lights, brakes, air pressure in tires, engine oil and other liquids such as small things.

    Monthly Fleet Inspection

    After this you can do monthly Fleet Inspection of vehicles, it is a little more than the front. In this, you should check the driver for safety along with a daily/pre-trip inspection checklist. You can fix this type of problem in your own home.

    Half Yearly Fleet Inspection

    This type of check is carried out entirely in a garage or under the supervision of an inspector. Any repair, be it small or major, should be done here. There are a variety of things to consider, such as the vehicle may need to replace tyres, worn hoses, brackets, belts or filters. Along with this, if there is any kind of work in the engine of the vehicles, then it is also necessary to get it done.

    Final Word –

    Regular inspections take into account the safety of your vehicles as well as that of your driver. Fleet Inspection not only contributes to the life of a large vehicle, but it also takes care of all small and big vehicles. Not only this, through Fleet Inspection, you also follow its latest legal rules, which saves both your time and money.

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