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    How to Remove Toxic Mold from Your Home


    You must have heard about the dangers of toxic mold. It is one of the most common issues you may face as a house owner. If you sense a weird sort of smell and a stuffy feeling in your house, then you should look around for mold infestation. Toxic mold can cause various health problems, and it should be removed as soon as possible. Mold usually causes respiratory problems and allergic reactions, and even your pets may fall prey to it. Especially if you have an asthma problem, it can prove deadly for you. When the mold grows and its spores spread, harmful toxins fill the house’s atmosphere. This is why you should not let the mold grow and get rid of it in its initial stages. The more mold grows, the dangerous it becomes and the more difficult it becomes to get rid of it. You can always hire a professional and reputed company for mold removal but if you are sure that you can handle the mold removal process on your own, then here’s how you can remove toxic mold from your house and stop its further spread. 

    Use Tea Tree Oil Solution 

    Tea tree is mostly used to repel spiders, but it’s one of the safest ways to get rid of toxic mold. It is a universal disinfectant that can act as a cleaning agent and stop mold spores from reappearing in your house. Here is how you can use the tea tree oil solution

    1. Mix the oil with water to make a solution.
    2. After mixing and shaking the solution thoroughly, pour it in a spray bottle so that you get the maximum coverage. However, if you don’t have a spray bottle, you can use a wet towel.
    3. Spray the tea tree solution on the affected area and let it dry for 1 hour.
    4. Once the solution gets dry, wipe it with a dry piece of cloth. 
    5. Although this solution is natural, wear protective gloves as it can irritate your skin.

    Use Hydrogen Peroxide 

    Hydrogen peroxide is found in most pharmaceutical kits and is an effective agent used to treat toxic mold. It is considered safe for use on various surfaces, including kitchenware, countertops, plumbing, bathtubs, hard floors, and some types of walls. To treat mold with hydrogen peroxide:

    1. Take a spray bottle and fill it with hydrogen peroxide. 
    2. To be on the safe side, test this on an area free of mold. This will avoid any damage to the wall or the carpeted area.
    3. Spray the solution on the area that has the black mold. Then scrub hard so that the mold and the stains are completely removed. 
    4. Clean it with a wet wipe once the surface becomes free of mold.


    Distilled white vinegar is said to be an inexpensive solution to get rid of highly toxic mold. The antibacterial properties of vinegar are the best to prevent the growth of black mold. Here is how you can use vinegar to get rid of mold:

    1. Add diluted vinegar in a bottle and spray on the affected part with mold growth. You can simply pour vinegar over the mold spot as well. 
    2. Once you spray the vinegar, use a towel or cloth to wipe off the mold. 
    3. However, if the towel isn’t giving the desired results, you can use a toothbrush. 
    4. After drying, wipe the area again with a damp towel.

    Removing Mold with Baking Soda 

    From absorbing the odor coming from the refrigerator to providing relief from heartburn, baking soda has many uses. Mold removal is also among the list of these uses. It is safe to use, and apart from killing the toxic mold, it absorbs the moisture drawn by it. To use baking soda:

    1. Pour 1/4 tablespoon of baking powder into a spray bottle with water and shake it properly.
    2. Sprinkle the baking soda and water solution on the mold area and use a brush to remove it. 
    3. Clean the surface with water and ensure that the baking soda residue is removed. 
    4. Spray the solution again and this time, let it dry without wiping it.
    5. It will remove the remaining mold and prevent it from reappearing. 
    6. To remove black mold that has been on your walls for a long time, mix a solution of baking soda, water, and vinegar. Keep stirring the mixture until it takes the form of a thick paste. Spread this fixture of the surface with mold and let it dry first. Once it gets dry, wipe it.

    According to Columbus restoration you should never take mold lightly, especially if it’s toxic. Follow the methods shared above to get rid of it, and if nothing works, hire a good and professional company to help you get rid of toxic mold and make your house safe.

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