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    How to publish your story on Instagram & much more


    In this post we will tell you all the details about how to post your story on Instagram. Themes are good for those interested in the digital world and current trends, but who are unfamiliar with this platform.

    How do you publish your story on Instagram?

    The truth is that uploading content to Instagram not a very complicated process. Of course, before taking this action. you need to decide the type of publication. that you want to share with your real UK followers and that it is not against the publishing policy of the social networking platform.

    In other words, if your account is personal. you might want to share pictures of tracks. you’ve done or special moments. Now if your account is for commercial purposes. your goal will to optimize your content to the maximum to spread your brand.

    Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features in the app. It includes the publication of short images or videos that will ready to view for 24 hours.

    Then, we will mention the main steps to spreading the Story that can seen by all your followers:

    step 1

    Enter the social network. The icon in the form of a camera appears in the upper left. Press on it and you will transfer to your mobile camera.

    step 2

    At the bottom left you will have the option to submit your gallery. And select the photos or videos you want to use. Also, you can instantly record videos or take new photos.

    step 3

    Edit the content to be published, thanks to the constant updates on Instagram. It is possible to add filters, effects, stickers, Gifs, music, or lyrics.

    step 4

    In this last step, the only thing you need to write a description of the content. It will display and a hashtag that will accompany it. Finally, you can publish your Instagram Story.

    Note that your story style will depend on the goals you want to achieve. For example, if you want to interact with your real followers, use options that allow them to ask questions and publish answers in this way.

    If you are looking to promote a product. It include links that take users directly to a web page. where they can find it. Remember to be creative and above all in accordance with the image you want to convey.

    Other publications that you can make

    Since Instagram is essentially a visual application. it is necessary to maintain the quality of the images and videos published there. To attract followers. it is not enough to make a few simple publications. the details of which are not as intended. This site Buy real Instagram Followers UK can visit to attract and increase your followers on Instagram in UK. it will be very helpful to you.

    In the case of Digital Marketing. it is very important to have a solid Social Media strategy. which allows you to penetrate among the users of the application and thus have visibility for your brand (commercial or personal).

    Once you have defined the type of account and the goals you want to achieve. The steps to uploading images to these social networks will be much easier:

    1. Press on the plus symbol (+) that usually appears in the bottom center of your screen.
    2. Later, show how your gallery automatically opens so you can select the images you want to upload to the platform.
    3. If you like, Instagram gives you the possibility to edit the image before it finally published.
    4. The next thing you will do to add existing captions to your photos. It also include key tags for promoting your idea.
    5. Finally, add a location and post a photo.

    Edit the image

    To learn how to post your story on Instagram. It is important to understand. There are many features that combine several effects and filters. It contribute to improve the quality of published images. The purpose of this functionality is to adjust the photo quality. That in terms of contrast, saturation, brightness, color, and so on.

    Of course, these elements are a good tool for those who want to beautify and highlight their content. However, to spread your brand. you need the highest quality and the ability of your content to stand out from other people’s publications.

    To get professional results, you need professional equipment. For this purpose, you can enable the services of a photo editing program. It installed on your PC or on your mobile phone.

    Note that using this application to publish content. Allows through links with other social networks, to answer certain questions. Such as “How to post on Instagram from Facebook.”

    Post the video on Instagram

    If what you are going to upload on Instagram account is a video other than the image. You don’t need to worry. Because its procedure is very similar to the previous one.

    You can upload the video directly to the feed or do it via IGTV (when it’s better minutes). It is important to note that you can only send videos with mp4 quality.

    To edit video, you need to choose an external device. Such as Filmore. If you are connected from a computer. In Shot, if you want to do it via your mobile phone.

    The video also has descriptions that allow users to know more about the content. You share and the hashtags that put your brand on the Instagram search engine.

    Deploy from PC

    How to post on Instagram from PC. It seems that the process is difficult. Because there is no desktop or PC version of Instagram.

    There are several ways for how to post on Instagram from a computer. The first of which is access via your web browser. Right click once opened, to enter the Inspect option.

    Then click on the two blue box icons (top left) on the Toggle Device Toolbar. Finally, press f5 to refresh the page; Once the plus (+) symbol appears, you can select the images and videos you want to publish on your Instagram profile.

    Another form of publishing from a PC, is by downloading an application called Grumbler. which is responsible for uploading photos to the platform from your computer without the need to use a mobile phone.

    Handle it not complicated. The first thing you need to do after downloading this tool. That to go in and upload the photos. You want to use or not to use the filters that you like best.

    Don’t forget to add descriptions and hashtags that will improve the quality of your publication. The best thing about this app is that it lets you program when the time you want your content published.

    Likewise, downloading a mobile emulator for PC is a better alternative to using Instagram. With the Mobile Browser Emulator (compatible with Chrome). you only need to submit a platform web page and enable this extension.

    Finally, log in and start uploading your videos and pictures. One attributes of this extension allow the size you want to viewed on the web (mobile size).

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