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    how to pick sippy cups? and When to Introduce Them


    The first step of weaning your baby is to introduce the baby to the sippy cups. Here are some suggestions from experts to help you transition your baby from breast milk or bottle as well as a review of the top sippy cup brands for babies.

    Babies love their bottles or breastfeeding sessions, so there’s no surprise here. But you could be surprised when you discover how attached you’ve become to your baby, too. This isn’t surprising! They’re simple, predictable to follow, and above all other things, a reassuring confirmation that the ever-more dependent kid will always be your child.

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    Tips for Easing the Transition

    Your baby will not begin taking sips from the cups at night. Here are some suggestions from experts to make the connection between the bottle or the breast, and the cup.

    Try some sippy cups

    While there are plenty of baby cups to pick from – Best Slow Flow Sippy Cups and ones with straws–some experts recommend drinking from spoutless cups since other cups can interfere with feeding. If possible, get different types. Your child might have preferences for one or more. For instance, some infants like the cups that have handles (especially those who prefer using their hands to keep their personal bottles) while other types do not.

    When to Introduce Sippy Cups

    However, they can begin practicing earlier. The best moment to introduce a sippy cup, whether using straws, spouted, or spoutless is typically six months, at which point they begin the process of eating solids. They’ll be experiencing lots of new sensory, motor, and cognitive experiences as they are eating their first meal, so it’s recommended to wait for at least a week before adding it to their cup.

    Begin by serving a cup of water.

    Then, give your child an empty cup to allow your baby to play and explore with it. Try this for a couple of days to get them used with the cup prior to when you pour liquid into it. You could also explain to them that they’ll soon drink from the cup.

    Learn to teach them how to sip

    Be sure your child is in a comfortable position before offering them a cup of water or breast milk, or formula (never juice for children this young). Allow your child to drink before giving them additionally. If you place formula or breast milk (or even a tiny smear from purified babies’ food) on the top of a cup for babies that includes a straw with a shorter length your child will be able to taste it and likely swallow the straw to obtain more.

    Expect to have a mess.

    If the first time your child takes a drink, the experience could be messy (expect plenty of drooling, and drips). Do not force your child to drink more than they would like to as you don’t want to make the situation into a fight for power. If they attempt to get the cup for drinking independently If they want to, then allow them to.

    The cup should be attractive.

    In the event that you’ve been bottle feeding, it’s a great method to feed your child is to use the bottle solely for drinking water and leaving the milk for your sippy cups. She is an expert parent consultant and the editor for the American Academy of Pediatrics Baby as well as Child health. You can also demonstrate to children that drinking milk is fun to sip a glass of water from the cup, and then declare, “Mm, yummy!” Your child might be tempted to drink some.

    Specify the time you sip with your sippy cups

    If your child is awed by this cup, they might desire it constantly, but do not allow them to carry it throughout the day. Instead, make it a pacifier or go to bed in it. In constant bathing, their teeth are soaked in sugar from beverages (even breastfeeding milk!) can increase the chance to develop teeth decay.

    The Best Sippy Cups for Babies and Toddlers

    Are you ready to wean your baby off of the breast or bottle? Of obviously you can introduce them to cups with open tops immediately but you’d need to contend with a lot of messy spills. (You are sure to find them enjoying throwing the entire cup into the air!) To reduce stress the best option is to pick a sippy container specifically designed for the transitional stage.

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