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    How To Make Your Marijuana Packaging Look Captivating


    Marijuana is a derivative of the cannabis plant. It has psychoactive properties that make it popular among people and thus increases its demand. It comes in the form of dry leaves, stems, and flowers of the cannabis plant. People use it for different purposes. Now when a customer goes in the market to buy these plants, he walks to the counter and picks out one. Due to the high demand, marijuana is being manufactured and sold by numerous companies. But what would make the customer pick and choose your product among all? 

    Presentation Of The Product Makes All The Difference

    It is the presentation and looks of the vape product packaging that makes the difference. When looking at a whole range of marijuana products, what captures the customers’ attention will be the impressive presentation of the product. Therefore, customizing your product packaging will make a huge difference in customers’ perceptions and purchase decisions. If done right, a customized marijuana packaging, if done right will grasp the customers’ attention instantly, and he will ask the salesman to show him your product only. They will explore and notice the details on your packaging and think of buying it, forgetting about all other products from different brands. That’s how you make your product compete and win from the competitors. 

    How Do You Create Effective Custom Packaging For Your Products?

    There are many ways to make your product appealing and stand out among all others. You do this to captivate customers and make them buy your products. When you want your product to stand, you obviously have to pay attention to the details and customize your packaging effectively to serve the purpose you want. To customize your marijuana vape cartridge packaging in the right way, you may consider the following factors that help you create attractive and efficient packaging:

    Exciting Add-Ons To Make It Attractive And Captivating

    If you want your packaging to look a class apart and present your products appealingly, then go for add-ons. These add-ons, as the name suggests, are additional features that give your product packaging much-needed bling. These make the brand details prominent by giving them outlines, textural effects, and visual details. They help bring your print design and brand details in a much attractive way. For instance, you can make your brand logo, title, text, design patterns, and borders look more prominent by giving them a shiny, reflective, or holographic effect. You can also add depth or raise to the designs of your medical marijuana edibles packaging.

    Here is how you can do it. Following are the add-ons options that you can avail in combination or separately to create intricate designs with attention-grabbing details.

    Spot UV Treatment

    If you want your marijuana packaging to have a shine that is hard to resist by the customers, then go for spot uv treatment. It will make your products shine bright, and you can apply them to a specific area of your choice. It is done by applying a transparent liquid over the area of your choice and drying it instantly by exposing it to uv light. This makes it quickly dry there and make the design pop making your marijuana vape cartridge packaging more noticeable. 


    Give your marijuana packaging textural as well as visual effects that never go unnoticed. With the help of embossing, you can make the design details rise above the background and look highly attractive. These also provide a captivating touch point to the customers who would want to explore the contents packed inside that box.


    It is the reverse of embossing as it gives a sunken effect below the background to the design details. The design you create gets noticed by the customers as debossing makes it more interesting and prominent. The textural depth looks classy and gets the customers’ attention instantly.

    Window Patching

    To make a trustworthy connection with the customers, you can make them have a look at your product even while the packaging remains intact. Window patching involves fixing a transparent plastic sheet in a die-cut box that allows customers to have a look at the product before purchasing and without having to open the box. This will make the customers observe the medical marijuana edibles inside the packaging.

    Hot Stamping

    Give your marijuana packaging a striking look with holographic, reflective, and metallic effects that captivate customers and prevent them from wandering around other products. Hot stamping is also known as foiling, as it involves pressing and heating foil over the packaging surface to give it a metallic effect. You can choose to add dyes to give a colored effect or holographic effect that definitely catches the customers’ attention.

    Create An Exclusively Attractive Marijuana Packaging That Captures Customers

    In the highly competitive market, what you can do to make your product stand out is customize its packaging. To do it effectively, you must use additional features that decorate your product packaging and make it look highly attractive. The add-ons are a useful feature to make the marijuana vape cartridge packaging look unique and exclusive. Add attractive details that are visual and textural and captivate customers with them. Compete with your business rivals effectively and win customers by giving them the exclusive experience

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