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    How To Identify Oil Leak In Your Car?


    Sometimes you may notice an oil stain in the driveway but may not give it too much attention. As a car owner, you must not do it as it may be an oil leak, and it may result in more significant problems, including irreparable damage to your car engine. The car must be taken immediately to a workshop that offers quality car repair services whenever such a thing happens. 

    This blog discusses why you must invest significant time identifying the oil leak and what you should do before it becomes too severe.

    Why is identifying an oil leak necessary?

    Engine oil plays a great role in the smooth running of a car, and it lubricates the engine pistons, making sure that they glide smoothly. In contrast, if proper lubrication is not there, the pistons grind against other engine components, generating a high amount of frictional heat. This heat makes the engine components grind together and jam, causing the engine to stop running.

    That is why it is important to identify the exact source of the oil leak and the extent of the damage.

    How Can You Find The Car’s Oil Leak?

    There are three ways you can consider checking the condition of your engine oil.

    Investigate The Source Of A Leak To Check If The Leakage Is In The Oil

    The moment you notice drops of oil in the parking place, you must start your investigation. First, put a newspaper or a white plastic plate under the car to catch those drops, and do the following.

        • Engine oil usually has an amber colour and a slippery feel. Its strong chemical smell is also distinguishable. Check if the drops have all these properties.

        • Older engine oil can become black or dark brown and feature a gunky or gritty texture. If you find something like this, it is clear that your car needs an oil change.

        • However, if the fluid colour is bright orange, green, or pink and has a sticky feel, it may result from an antifreeze leak. On the other hand, if it has one of these colours but no sticky feel, the fluid may be coming from the windshield. Unless you plan to drive through the desert region of Australia, it will not be a matter of serious concern.

        • If the fluid is yellowish and clear, it must be brake fluid.

    Remember that even though antifreeze is highly toxic, it tastes and smells sweet and thus can easily attract pets. So, if you have pets in your compound, get the antifreeze leak fixed as early as possible. You must also keep your driveway area cleared.

    Check the car fluid levels

    Next, you must check all the fluid levels in your car. You can inspect the dipstick to check the oil level. Often, an orange or red plastic tab is install under the hood.

        • If the oil level is low, you can be sure about oil leakage in your car. To ensure it is oil leakage, you must look for amber colour with a slippery feel and chemical smell.

        • If the oil colour is reddish, checking the power steering reservoir is necessary.

    Identify the source

    The common sources of engine oil leakage include an old oil filter, damaged oil pan, or damaged gasket on the engine. To discover an oil leakage source, a little bit of effort is required, and car experts recommend that you leave it to professional auto repair services providers. However, you can consider the following steps to do it yourself:-

        • First, turn off the engine and use a bright light to check the engine area. It could be due to a slow leak in the engine’s gaskets if the entire area is covered in oil.

        • Once you start the engine if the engine oil starts spraying wildly, as it happens when someone sprays water with a hosepipe, the oil may be seeping past a worn seal or crankshaft. However, these leaks only become apparent when the engine is running.

    Whatever the problem, you must take your vehicle to a car inspection centre in Perth. 

    What Are The Other Signs Of Oil Leakage?

    Other signs also indicate your car engine is having an oil leak. These signs include:

        • Engine overheating

        • A burning smell in the oil

        • Blue smoke coming out of exhaust pipe

    Hire A Motor Oil Expert And Get The Problem Fixed

    Various auto care shops in Perth provide detailed inspection and car services to the residents. They offer top-quality full-service oil change, oil filter change, and windshield wiper fluid change, too. When it comes to a full-service oil change, these repair shops carry out a 19-point inspection, the best way to identify any leaking component. 

    In addition, they also offer a logbook service for any make and model. So, hiring them for a regular and full-service oil change or any other vehicle repair will help you maintain good health for your car engine.

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