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    How to Get That “Toned” Look You Want


    If you want to see more “toon” … more muscle … more “torn” every day, read this article.

    People (mostly women) say they want to be more “tone”. This means they do not want to build more muscle, but they already need more fit and toned defined muscles.

    How most people fail in trying to be “tone”

    Most people completely subvert this. They try to tone up by “burning themselves out” while working. Because they do it

    1. Someone told them that a heavy weight would make you fat …
    2. Their muscles feel and feel toned after “experiencing burns” when training with high rep.

    Here’s why you should not “burn” when you work out Tone generator … If you want to tone up …

    Burns are caused by lactic acid.

    The reason you feel discomfort during and after a “burn” is the same reason you feel strongly about a corpse. Your muscle fibers are like mousetraps – they shoot themselves, but need energy to regenerate to contract again. A corpse runs out of ATP, the energy compound that relaxes the muscles, which is why their muscles are constantly contracting.

    High rep training eliminates ATP in your muscles and leads to temporary stiffness similar to what happens to the body. But, you probably don’t want to die, and yet you want to be toned. Solution?

    True muscle tone = tension

    To get a consistent tone, you need to train your nervous system to keep your muscles in half while you relax Tone generator . That’s muscle tone – the remaining tension in the relaxing muscles! The kind of stress that comes from neurological activity does not reduce energy.

    Increasing muscle tone is not a physical transformation of your muscles. This is the result of a more alert nervous system. This causes the muscles to always partially contract.

    Strength = Tension = Tone

    Strength and tone training are one and the same. Instead of building more muscle, you will learn to create stress to gain strength, and the stronger you become, the harder you will become. This means that you need to focus on strength training to get the tough body you want. Maximum tension = maximum strength.

    For women

    • Fancy steel buns? Heavy and high tension deadlifts work better than butt presses on your buttocks, “fire hydrants” or similar simple moves popular in “muscle scalping” classes …
    • Need toned ABS? Heavy and high tension deadlifts, squats, overhead presses, abdominal wheel routines, planks, etc . Force your ABS to create high tension.
    • Want tone, sleek, sexy hips and thighs? Tickets include deadlifts, squats, and other full body movements performed under high tension and heavy weight.

    For men:

    • Want a big chest and shoulders? Heavy, high tension overhead presses and bench presses will get you there …
    • Need a backyard? Weight loops and curves over the rows to make those lats …
    • ABS torn? Squats, Dead’s, Overhead Squats, Overhead Presses, Eb Wheels, Boards Like Women …
    • Do you need bigger weapons ? Heavy presses and other overhead jobs.

    You can train for strength, “Don’t be big”

    Here’s how to put one together for use with your trunk: Reduce volume. And without the wood you will gain more strength, toughness, and more tone. Reduce the number of repetitions for each exercise. A general rule is 10 repetitions or less. So two heavy sets of 5 will work with the main exercises.

    If you want to grow bigger and build muscle: Raise your voice more during your workout. Reduce repetitions so that you can always lift with maximum tension and develop more strength. Example 5 sets x 5 repetitions for each major exercise.

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