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    How to Enhance Your Apparel Packaging Using Box Manufacturers?


    Are you one of those brands concerned about their growth potential? Apparel makers rely heavily on the appearance of their products and packaging. Box manufacturers swiftly take over all the packaging woes to elevate the brand repute.

    Packaging and transporting apparel items is a hassle. It takes the right boxes to do the task sans mistakes and accidents. While certain aspects of shipping might not be in your control, there are plenty of others that you can influence using the boxes.

    There are valid and fruitful reasons that apparel makers are constantly hiring third-party box engineers to take over the burden from them and do it well!

    How can you benefit from expert assistance?

    How difficult box creation can be? After all, it is picking the boxes according to the product size and labeling them with the brand name.

    The truth is that box crafting procedures are anything but this! It takes expert handling to manufacture boxes that are:

    • Strong
    • Flexible
    • Reliable and durable

    Standard boxes are nowhere close to being functional when it comes to matching the product requirements. They come in general measurements and are often inappropriate for transport.

    What your brand needs are firm apparel boxes that evade accidents and mishaps during transit. And look appealing too. Here is how professionals employ the best practices in creating boxes.

    • Accounting for the box needs

    Apparel items range from clothes, shoes, and accessories. Every item can vary in size and weight too. Box makers are well versed in making custom boxes. They are aware of what fits with what kind of apparel items.

    International guidelines state that the boxes must:

    1. Not weigh more than 70 Ibs.
    2. Use sturdy box materials that have enough room for cushioning to prevent items from shifting inside.
    3. Seal the boxes with tape that is at least 2 inches wide and covers the flaps.
    4. Blackout all the previous shipping details if the brand is reusing the boxes.

    These are just the main requirements. Other intricate details include the box dimensions and mandatory details printed on top. Box makers ensure that the boxes are made in line with these guidelines so they reach their destinations safely and without returns.

    • Consider product essentials

    Of course, one cannot overlook the product specifications. The apparel boxes come in all forms and for varied types of customers. As an apparel maker, you might not know the types of materials and box designs that can work to give premium protection to your products.

    Box makers have a gamut of material choices. You can pick the ones that look best with your products and the intended retail platform. For instance, cardboard and rigid stock suit physical retailing as compared to corrugated paper that is mostly used for e-commerce.

    A vast variety of box shapes is useful to contain the items safely inside while improving the brand appeal. Box manufacturers and experienced box engineers craft quirky box shapes that provide:

    1. Good resource utilization. Custom shapes save on excessive box materials and provide firm support to the products.
    2. Creative box structures please customers and make the brand more prominent among rivals.
    3. Apt box cuts that are the right thickness and density. This reduces the need for extra padding and using fillers.
    • Introduce the brand details

    The brand info is an essential component of the apparel boxes. International regulations also emphasize stating the brand name, logo, address, and other details on the boxes.

    Box makers ensure that all these instructions are strictly adhered to using premium and clear inks. Shipping boxes are at risk of being delivered to the wrong addresses. Readable fonts minimize this risk and many others.

    For example, putting the box handling instructions on the boxes in highlighted fonts is a good way to reduce accidents. Box engineers place these details on a prominent box spot so the concerned parties can easily read them. Likewise, storing conditions are also mentioned alongside the other details. It helps the apparel items to remain in good form till customers unbox the packages.

    Box manufacturers
    • Calculate costs

    Not every apparel seller has unlimited finances. Most are restrained by compact budgets. Hiring box specialists help to craft enticing custom packaging within the available means.

    Every procedure can be calculated beforehand so the apparel makers know exactly how much they can afford and where they can save potential costs. Maintaining healthy bottom lines is a crucial task and one that defines the growth path for the businesses.

    Additionally, box makers often suggest various cost-savings too. Firstly, the boxes offer branding opportunities. It lowers the overall marketing expenses. Customers get engaged with alluring box designs. It boosts sales levels and thus profits.

    Box makers use the latest printing technology that grabs more eyeballs. The marketing messages get across to more number of customers. The printing is more affordable and bulk orders reduce packaging costs too.

    • Sustainable packaging ethics

    Customers highly value clean packaging. Box engineers have the knowledge to work with recycled and green packaging paper to craft reliable apparel boxes.

    Brands that imbibe positive values convey them to buyers too. This way, they get affordable box materials and more customers loyalty, rolled into one unit!

    Green packaging materials are flexible and also support numerous print-enhancing effects. These include colorful branding displays, laminations to shield excessive sunlight and moisture, attention-grabbing graphics and illustrations, and so much more.

    Tell your brand story with style

    The whole purpose of investing in customized apparel boxes is to signify that the brand is better than the rest of the crowd.

    Box manufacturers are the perfect partners with whom you can achieve your desired brand appeal in aesthetic forms. They have the necessary tools and skills to make individual boxes that instantly become the hotspot of customer attention.


    If you wish to ship apparel items to retailers or to customers directly, professional boxes are the right way to go! They offer the ideal and versatile branding power that improves the brand image instantaneously. Grab these today!

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