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    How to choose knives for your kitchen


    Home kitchen cooking warms the home with the pleasant aromas of freshly prepared food and brings family members together for meals or light snacks. For home inhabitants and owners in the kitchen, everything is important: furnishings, design, functionality, and convenience.

    However, there are accessories there that you can’t do without in cooking. steel Kitchen knives among them occupy a special and important place in both high-tech and simple conditions. What knives are best for home use? How to choose knives for the kitchen at home? Now let’s look at the practical recommendations of experts.


    The kitchen for individual use is usually not as large in area and equipment as the catering establishments. At home, we cook exclusively according to the preferences of the family and guests. But this does not mean that we are talking about a limited meager diet. Rather, qualitative indicators here prevail over quantitative ones. Therefore, the right choice of knives for home cooking is no less relevant than in a professional environment.

    kitchen knives

    The volume of gastronomic work at home is not so great. And a set of good kitchen knives should last for a long time, measured in decades. Roughly speaking, someone will have to use these tools all their lives.

    This means choosing favor of expensive, but the reliable quality is a logically justified decision. In addition, the aesthetic pleasure of touching well-made knives further stimulates culinary enthusiasm. So, our first recommendation would be to plan a feasible budget for the purchase of branded high-quality kitchen knives, because they:

    • last a long time without loss of efficiency;
    • have excellent cutting properties;
    • increase the competence of the cook;
    • are maximally adapted for cutting products of a certain type;
    • They are comfortable and pleasant to work with.

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    If it is not possible purchase a set of knives right away. You can start with one universal model and, as necessary, buy additional suitable types of blades. Which we talk about in our reviews.


    choosing home knives

    Next, when choosing home knives, you need to decide on the size and right-handed/left-handed orientation. Large models of chef’s knives, “ax-shaped”, deba, Yanagida have an impressive weight and can be difficult in women’s or young hands. For novice cooks, women with a fragile constitution, and young assistants. It is better to choose classic models of small and medium sizes.

    Also, keep in mind that not all knives are suitable for left-handers. Models with one-sided sharpening are more often designed for right-handers. If right-handed and left-handed people will cook in the kitchen, then it is better to choose knives with universal bilateral symmetrical sharpening.

    Knife dimensions, blade length, and weight are always indicated in the product description. So that the buyer can assume the convenience of using it. Ceramic knife blades are very light and sharp, but very fragile. Therefore short-lived: the tip often breaks off, chips appear on the edge. In addition, ceramic knives cannot be re-sharpened at home.

    Carbon steel knives

    Carbon steel knives have increased hardness. They have a stable cutting edge that allows you to perform the sharpest sharpening of more than 10,000 points. Professional chefs often prefer these models, they are common in the Japanese tradition of instrumental craftsmanship.

    However, carbon steel is not resistant to corrosion, forms a dark coating on the surface. And is even more difficult to sharpen, although it retains its sharpness for a long time.

    Knives with “black” steel blades need to be kept clean and dry. They should not be left in the sink after cooking, and some models. The Japanese Yanagiba sirloin, are wiped down before each cut. In general, such models are suitable for sophisticated chefs who can sharpen themselves with wet emery.

    stainless steel knives 

    Alloy stainless steel knives are the most common in the European and American kitchenware market. They are unpretentious in maintenance, do not lose their appearance, are resistant to corrosion and plaque, are easier to sharpen. And specially selected steel grades provide high-precision sharp sharpening that is not inferior to carbon blades.

    If householders do not have special requirements for the cutting superpower of a kitchen knife. And separate care is not desirable when using it, it is better to choose stainless steel knives. Leading manufacturers offer high-quality models made of laminated steel with a core of high-hardness grades and external decorative corrosion-resistant linings.

    European style

    Knives for the kitchen of the European style are usually made with a monolithic metal or polymer handle. Oriental-style knives are traditionally made with simple oval-shaped wooden handles. With prolonged use, the worn handle can be removed and replaced with a new one at home.

    Otherwise, when choosing knives for home cooking. You should be guided by the descriptions and recommendations of well-known manufacturers with a developed dealer network and smart managers.

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